PATH suspension – so what?

PATH suspension [you’ll live]

A few weeks ago, the Port Authority “suspended” weekend PATH service from Hoboken to 33rd street. For what will be barely over two months.

Yet the media (and the lemmings that watch it) made a big deal out of it.

“Oh, it created chaos,” and “good Lord, it will take me longer to do whatever useless crap I do…” were some of the sentiments with what boils down to a minor and temporary inconvenience.

And surely “social media” has tons of daily bitching from entitled babies who think the world revolves around them and their insignificant lives. Me, me ME!

You get what your deserve when you leave it to others…

Again, this is what you should expect from socialized transport. Be in charge of your own travels, and you’ll never have these problems.

But 99% of you won’t get that.

Hate traffic? Arrange your schedule to travel at known off-peak times.

Hate crowds? Then bypass the “official” holidays and take a break when most others are at “work.”

It’s not that hard to find the smoothest path. You just have to think outside the box and have willingness to be flexible.

Come January, the same whiny weaklings will bitch that there are service disruptions because of inclement winter weather.

We live in a society of losers. And that’s a fact.

PATH suspension so what - PATH suspension - so what?

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