Top 9 reasons AC sucks {Taj Mahal Closure}

Taj Mahal Closure {9 reasons why AC now sucks}

Saw a great comment on an article about the upcoming closure of the Taj Mahal Casino in Atlantic City.

Pretty much sums it all up.

Why Atlantic City now sucks more than ever before

  1. Donald Trump really doesn’t have any interest in this place anymore Icahn owns it, think he just paid Trump a small royalty for use of his brand name. Trump was smart and dumped A.C. because he knew A.C. was a doomed city in the long run. Most of the revenue in A.C. comes from gambling, this is unsustainable, A.C. is not Las Vegas, there is nothing to do in A.C.

    atlantic city ghetto - Top 9 reasons AC sucks {Taj Mahal Closure}

  2. Unions destroyed the hotel, I’ll just come out and say it: the union workers in Taj Mahal don’t do their jobs, they have not done their jobs for years, you call the front desk and they give you the run around never fix any problems, etc. Not saying they were all bad, but a lot of them were bad eggs.
  3. The unions should have worked with management to make reasonable cutbacks, they demanded too much and now they got what they deserved A long wait on the unemployment line. The minimum wage is always zero, as in when no-one can afford to pay you, you get fired.
  4. Atlantic city ruined the beach, there used to be a time where you would go to Taj Mahal, rent a room gamble a little in the Casino eat at the Hard Rock cafe and go to the beach for a quick dip/sit on the beach chairs. Now the beach is ruined, no chairs, no life guards, no one cleans the beach or maintains it.
  5. Atlantic city has practically zero public transportation, how are people supposed to get around?
  6. There are no good places to eat in A.C., I spent an hour on the boardwalk tried various food from various places, even tried to eat at the buffet at Caeser’s Palace and the food was terrible, much of the food wasn’t even cooked!
  7. The tolls to go to A.C. are EXPENSIVE AS HELL you are down almost 100$ before you even get there.
  8. The entire city is dilapidated, it’s a slum city the local government and unions have destroyed everything and made it impossible for the city to compete with things like Resort Worlds Casinos that are popping up all over. I can drive 20 minutes to a resort world casino, gamble 100$ eat better than A.C. and go home to sleep in my own bed, and even visit Coney Island beach wich is 1000X better than A.C.s poorly maintained beaches.
    atlantic city - Top 9 reasons AC sucks {Taj Mahal Closure}
  9. Just a personal note on casinos in A.C. Most of them if not all do not let you open the windows in the room a crack. You feel like you are breathing the same air. Trump should buy the Taj back, renovate the shit out of it, add some windows that open, privatize the beach and charge a little more, it would be successful. Maybe even convert some casino floor space to retail space with good food venues. But I wouldn’t expect anyone to invest in Atlantic City right now, it’s a failed democratic sh-t hole, the laws and taxes would destroy you.

It is NOT Trump.

It’s ICAHN’S poor management and the horrible local government in A.C. and the poor maintenance of the beaches/boardwalk that make it so that there is nothing to do in A.C. but smoke cigarettes, get drunk and gamble. In a down economy where everyone is spending all their money on health insurance because of Obama, no one is going to have surplus money to go gamble.

Taj Mahal closing top 9 reasons why AC suck now more than ever - Top 9 reasons AC sucks {Taj Mahal Closure}

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