Voter ID {WTF?}

Why no Voter ID {WTF is that shit?}

Continuing our coverage on the legitimacy of voting fraud and election accuracy – is a bare-bones example of WHY it’s so easy to defraud: Voter ID. Or why exactly is voter ID NOT required? One of the most “valued” rights we have in this country – is ridiculously easy to CHEAT.

why not voter ID

A commenter on the Zero Hedge website put it perfectly:

“I need an ID to buy cigarettes and booze (neither of which I consume), cash a check, get on a plane, even some places just use a credit card yet you’re asking me why not to vote?

Go fuck yourselves.

We, the people, are sick and tired of this lawlessness.”

Another reader commented back, saying…

“And in NJ, you must show ID to use a tanning bed or buy sudafed, but vote 4 times for Menendez or Booker or Prieto……no ID required.”

And yet another said a similar thing…

“Try getting into any office tower in New York city or an office building within a half-mile of the White House in Washington DC w/o a photo ID. I don’t know for sure, but I doubt you could take a White House tour w/o an ID. Unless of course, you jumped the fence, the height of which Obama has increased about 20% since taking office.”

However, the one comment that took the crown was:

“But we’re not gonna do shit about it.”

So, why isn’t anyone doing shit about it? At what given point in time does this nonsense stop and people begin pushing back. For real?

Wake the fuck up, people.”

This video and many others available in that ZH post I linked to above.

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Thursday, August 18, 2016 3:22 pm

Until it is absolutely free for poor people to get ID, it is not fair to require ID. Also – anyone can vote by mail – absentee ballot without showing an ID…

Reply to  jerseychris
Friday, August 19, 2016 8:58 am

Even if IDs were completely free, I can guarantee that many will still argue that the lives of some poor oppressed souls are so disorganized and chaotic that obtaining an ID is still an unfair expectation.

This whole arguement leaves me with a few open questions:

Why is there such vigorous opposition to the concept of proving one’s identity at a polling place, without addressing the need for controls over voting fraud? Without proof of identity ANYONE can vote and can vote more than once and at many locations.

If opposition to voting fraud management is such a central pillar to leftist politics, why should a reasonable person not conclude that voter fraud is viewed as a legitimate strategy by some political persuasions?

If acts of fraud are profitable and carry no risk, fraud absolutely will happen, probably on a wide scale. Do you see that as a bug or a feature?

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 1:32 pm

Your story is stupid enough as it stands, but then you link to a James O’Keefe video- the guy who was proven to have manipulated video of Acorn workers to try to get the group de-funded?
Even when a Republican- led Dept of Justice crackdown could only come up with less than 100 cases of suppose voter fraud (many turned out to be cases of voters confused on where/how to vote), you STILL think this is really an issue?
It’s about time to pass a Constitutional amendment which puts all voting laws under the supervision of the federal government. No more bigoted Secretaries of State trying to disenfranchise people. “Gun license? Vote right here sir. Identification issued by that same state government as a student ID? No ma’am you can’t vote with that.”

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