Happiness is… {what to you exactly?}

Happiness is… {beyond the superficial?}

You’ve all seen meme’s, books, and sayings that begin with “Happiness is…”

It’s meant a lot of things to a lot of people over the years. Ranging from deep-rooted personal achievements to the simple pleasures of life. Sometimes stupid shit like “puppies in a basket.”

But what does it mean these days in 2016?

And as we get ready for the Labor Day weekend, below are few of OUR reasons to be happy. Yours may certainly differ by a wide margin.

happiness is what makes you happy Hoboken NJ 720x235 - Happiness is... {what to you exactly?}

Happiness is:

  • Having next to no direct involvement in social media. Why? Because I am mentally free from the mind-clogging static.
  • Being open-minded. Why? Because I can read opposing opinions and not get offended.
  • Possessing the ability to question everything. Why? Because I’m a hard sell, and getting to the root of the matter means more than shallow knee-jerk reactions.
  • Living a simple life. No TV, news broadcasts and most other mainstream “entertainment.” Why? Frees my time to build skills, and keeps my mind focused on what is important in MY life.
  • A tight-knit circle. Pruning your contact list to the bare minimum. Why? Because your own life has enough obligations already! Focus for God’s sake!
  • enjoy the silence - Happiness is... {what to you exactly?}

  • Enjoying the silence. We can easily live without noise, and are content without distractions. Why? Because we feel that is a natural instinct that should not be ignored.
  • Not needing approval. Why? The need for approval from others stems from childhood issues, and we’re thankful not to have those problems.
  • Being assertive and confident. Why? Have you seen half the world around you? Passive and unsure of themselves. Using Google as a crutch. What happened to society in the last few decades?
  • Getting born when I was born. Why? Because it’s the best of both worlds. The joy of growing up in simple times, participating in the technological revolution and having the perfect dataset of experiences to identify the differences. I feel compassion for those born after 1990 (give or take).

There are hundreds more (personal) reasons to be happy. But these are good enough for now. I’d also be happy if certain global happenings shifted a bit – but that is beyond the scope of this post.

What makes you happy? A good job? A hot spouse? Nice car? Six-pack abs and a top ranking at Cross-fit? Or other things that go beyond physical appearance and possessions?

Funny thing is, that some have said that true happiness is just being content at all times, regardless of the circumstances. And I can certainly agree with that sentiment. However, it’s much easier said than done. But still, something to aim for, right?

Have a happy day (and nice long weekend!)

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