Flags set ablaze

It only matters what is set ablaze these days

You ever notice how it actually matters what catches on fire these days?

burnt gay flag - Flags set ablazeThere are minor fires of all sorts all the time. Most often it could be a cigarette butt in the dry grass, or sometimes even a garbage can.

Sometimes pranksters take a bag of dog crap, set it on fire and ring someone’s door bell.

Those get only minor mentions, if at all.

But if someone sets a FLAG on fire – “stop the presses.” A message when accompanied by fire, apparently is incredibly offensive. And not just to the fabric!

burning american flag - Flags set ablazeFlags somehow carry a heavier weight when it comes to the significance of flames of fire. Whether it’s a flag that represents a state, country, or just a rainbow which apparently was hijacked and now stands for gay pride instead of spectrums of visible light.

Fire is fire, whether by accident, done negligently or as a prank. And has the same temperature no matter what. Why single out flags? Heck, harmless flag fires get more press than buildings that burn down (sometimes with people and cute pets inside!)

Everyone talks about equality and diversity – I think you, as the general public should DEMAND that all fires – regardless of how minor – should get EQUAL press. Not just because the it was a flag, or was rainbow-colored or not.

What messages are they trying to send anyway?

rainbow flag set ablaze what about equal rights for coverage - Flags set ablaze

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