Toll Violations

Toll Violations {going after the little guy}

There has been an interesting trend as of late, in regards to toll violations or EZpass violations at NJ and NY toll plazas.

Local “officials” are releasing reports (along with MSM coverage) of how various individuals are blowing through EZpass lanes with no tags in their vehicles – and being arrested as a result. Sometimes in the neighborhood of hundreds or thousands of times.

These so-called “violations” reportedly rack up into the thousands of dollars of unpaid tolls.

You ever wonder why they’re glamorizing the apprehension of the “bad” toll violators? Why have they been on such a witch hunt for these people as of late?

It’s not like they “stole” something from a store. They didn’t use up a resource or cause someone financial harm. The tunnels or bridges wouldn’t be in better physical condition today if these “thieves” chose to take the bus instead.

Heck, even most stores accept a percentage of “loss” due to shoplifting, damage, and spoil (sometimes 5-10%).

toll violations EZPass - Toll Violations

Who is the real enemy here?

What gets me is that while the majority of the people that read those stories say “oooh, wow, that was bad,” most of them care not to look at the balance sheets of the “authorities” that run these multi-billion dollar cash rackets.

No one looks at the salaries of said officials, or the waste and corruption that happens with all the money from people the DO pay into this racket. Or why bridges and tunnels are falling apart despite the highest costing tolls in history.

No, they just shine the spotlight on the few people who do skirt paying the toll more than most. Inject fear in those who also might not want to feed the beast but have to get to work because THEY are barely getting by.

Don’t you see something wrong with this?

What would happen if one day, every single driver on the roads left their EZpass tags at home? Every single one?

How would the states manage that mass revolt? Arrest everyone? Wouldn’t be possible.

This is just one of the many reasons things are unsustainable. But we should start at the TOP, not the bottom-feeding toll violators who are trying to get by.

You think otherwise? Then come up with a better idea.

toll violations lincoln tunnel NY NJ - Toll Violations

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I have to chime in here.

Any large-scale transportation fund or statewide project that involves hundred of millions of dollars will get corrupted beyond belief. It’s almost guaranteed.

These funds have been depleted because of complete lack of oversight, and that should not be the taxpayer and driver responsibility. It should lay on the shoulders of the politicians and administrators trusted to manage those funds.

So when they cry that funds are depleted, ask why they didn’t have a plan when the boasted about them years ago. How did it go to shit? And where did the money go?

People are idiots.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith

The reason why we have tolls is that our democratically elected leaders have chosen to tax the users of the roads instead of the general population for their maintenance and upkeep. This serves three purposes it a) forces heavy users to pay more for their upkeep b) encourages mass transportation vs. our dirty and overcrowded highways and c) raises revenue without having to raise taxes. On the downside, if you are poor and need to take a toll road it’s a regressive tax. Now to answer your questions as to why you should pay tolls – it’s simple: Not paying tolls is stealing from your neighbors. When you don’t pay a toll they have to pass the cost on to the rest of us. Just as you wouldn’t break into your neighbors house and steal a couple of bucks, you shouldn’t steal a toll. What you are proposing is simply theft. Similar to cheating on your taxes. If you don’t like how you are taxed simply vote every November. That’s how this country works. So take your little commie ass and move to some banana republic where you don’t need to pay taxes or vote and leave this great country to the people who care.


The transportation trust fund has been completely depleted. We could not sustain anymore critical road and bridge infrastructure projects without a tax hike. The folks that they have gone after in several cases were in arrears of hundreds of thousands of dollar. Small and medium size contractors, laborers who’s whole fleets were instructed to not pay the tolls. Why should the rules not apply to them?