Bike lane fire hydrant distractions

Distractions – street markings

You know how idiotic NJ “politicians” are trying to further clamp down on your freedoms by that distracted driving bullshit bill they’re considering?

Hoboken411 reader JP sent in this artsy shot of a typical street in Hoboken. And this is nothing.

Other streets are peppered with so much paint and symbols – that THOSE TOO ARE A DISTRACTION.

If that law somehow passes – I’d make sure they include REMOVING ALL OTHER DISTRACTING visuals as well. Billboards, street signs, blinking stop signs, “slow down for kids” signs.

They’re all distractions to me – because THEY TAKE MY EYES OFF THE ROAD.

Who else doesn’t see how those are distracting just as much as adjusting the A/C in your car? And that how 99% of the junk that comes out of these people’s mouths is hypocritical?

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distraction? try confusion. Some poles have no less than 5 signs on them. At that the signage blocks the traffic lights and uncut tree branches block the stop signs. No sign or paint will stop a driver from hitting a wrong-way biker as the driver pulls out of a parallel spot after checking all mirrors. Just a matter of time before a tot on wheels at a corner is taken out while his/her parents are a block away.