Bandliner – Hoboken Kickstarter

Hoboken Kickstarter – Bandlinder watch strips

Want to support a cool Hoboken Kickstarter? Resident Ryan Zaczynski has invented something that many of you might find useful: Bandliner. Check out this video first to see what it’s all about:

So it’s a liner for a watch band – which definitely seems like it would preserve leather bands.

But I found another added benefit. It may very well help some watches fit better. Especially if you’re “in-between” notches.

The main goals are $12 for a three-month supply, $22 for a six-month supply and $42 for a year’s worth. If you’re down on your finances, you can even send him just $1 for moral support.

Wish Ryan luck, and hope he makes his goal! Only a few days left!

See more about the history of the project here:

6c4f73b7f421ff30d56a485b82cdaaef original - Bandliner - Hoboken Kickstarter

Hoboken Kickstarter Bandliner 720x304 - Bandliner - Hoboken Kickstarter

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