NY Post (and all media – NEVER)

Most of you with half a brain realize today in 2016, the “mainstream” “news” media is crap. Complete and utter crap.

No longer are they keeping people in check, especially politicians. No.

Their main purposes to exist today are one, to make money – and two, to push the agendas of whom they’re aligned with. And most “mainstream” publications out there, unfortunately, are of the “liberal” variety.

Especially the NY Post. We rarely, if ever check it out. However, there was some headline on Drudge that we recently clicked. And oh my god. What a trash heap! Practical pornography on the home page, and nothing but blatant Trump-bashing. No one should read that cesspool of bullshit anymore. Never again for us, either. And I don’t care who they endorse or not.

It’s no wonder that people in my family, who get all their “news” from the “mainstream,” are literally afraid of Trump. Amazing how they can sculpt someone’s opinion. Scary indeed.

NY Post Sucks

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….. Or maybe your family is scared of trump because he is a bigot, liar and racist? (Not that Hillary is a saint either……)


Here we go with “racist” again.

Please provide an example of something you feel makes him “racist” and why you think it fits the definition of the word.

Thanks in advance.