Hoboken Video Flashback: Hoboken Characters – Chuewy

Here’s another Hoboken video flashback since Vimeo destroyed years of contributions. We re-uploaded to YouTube.

Chuewy loves Madonna in Hoboken

I wanted to refresh Chuey’s (or Chuewy’s) dance video here on Hoboken411 with a brief clip of him swinging away to Madonna “Like a Prayer.”

He’s known to listen to the radio on his headphones (and dance) almost daily over at 14th and Washington.

See more Chuey (including the infamous “dance-off”) and other characters below…

Chuey Dance-off on 14th

(From 2008)

Seems like Cheuwy, the 14 St. Dancer in Hoboken is now on YouTube. The Hoboken cops call him the “The Daily Dancer”, because they have to tend to him practically every day for causing trouble uptown – dancing in traffic, “annoying” area bar owners (you know, $10 martinis aren’t cool with singing “street folks”), and sometimes getting a bit confrontational.

Well, one person decided to make a “Hoboken Dance-off” video. It’s over 5 minutes long (way too long)… so watch the first minute, then just skip through if you don’t care to see a white guy dance with Cheuwy to amuse his giggling friends.

Here are a couple individuals I’d like to call “Hoboken Characters.”

These are people that stand out in some kind of odd or mysterious way and have received quite a few emails about them recently.

Singing guy on 14th Street

hoboken singing guy 14th street ipod lip synch - Hoboken Video Flashback: Hoboken Characters - Chuewy

This fella seems to be out on 14th Street, either on the corner of Washington or Hudson. Sings along with his iPod for hours on end. Some 411 readers said:

  • “Do you know anything about the weird dude who dances all weekend on the corners of 14th Street at Hudson and/or Washington? He was already out there today shaking his moneymaker before 9 a.m. He looks about 35, overweight, probably a little slow. He’s been there rather consistently on the weekends since the weather warmed up. I don’t remember seeing him before this season. He has a little radio that he either listens to on headphones or holds it to his ear. Who is he, and is he dangerous?”
  • “Have you gotten any emails or pictures of the guy who dances on the corner of 14th and Washington? He has on an iPod and lip-synchs songs while he dances. Pretty good stuff. He is there all day.”

Have you had any interactions with him?

Part-time dead, part-time angry drunk

This is a bit weirder. Not sure who this is, but for several days he was in front of the doomed Yapple’s on 10th and Wash, pretty much lifeless. “Dead” enough that more than one reader sent in notes wondering about him.

hoboken wheelchair mutterer - Hoboken Video Flashback: Hoboken Characters - Chuewy

  • “I was hoping you might have some advice for me. For the past several days there has been a man in a wheelchair at the corner of 10th and Washington. He is there all day long, it seems. I haven’t seen someone stay in one place like this before. Should I call the shelter/police/anyone? I don’t want him arrested. I would like him to have a place to stay.”

However, he seems fine now, because I see him all the time near Elysian Park.. just wheel-chairin’ in the middle of the street nearly causing accidents. Then he yells at the drivers “Arrgh, you’ll always be a douche-bag!”

Has he yelled at you yet?

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Friday, September 5, 2008 10:48 pm

I saw him on the street about a week and a half back and approached him and comended him on his performance on the dance off. He totally won of course! He was totally open to conversation although he didn’t know me at all.

He confirmed with me that he lives at the Y or otherwise he would be homeless. He told me that he loves to dance and that he is looking for a male companion. I told him that I’m not gay but I here the odds are pretty good in certain NYC neighborhoods. He was very articulate and certainly not retarded but he isn’t inhibited in any way like most adults that I know. On the gaydar scale this guy is off the charts in terms of his flamboyance but I see him as a kind soul that has carved out a niche in Hoboken lore. As far as I am concerned he adds to the Urban landscape in a very positive way.

I told him that he was a big hit on You Tube (over 10,000 hits) and he was quite excited. By the way, he also confirmed that his dance-off dance partner pulled down his pants at Cheuwy’s direction. Upon closer examination you can hear him saying that in the video.

Friday, September 5, 2008 5:30 pm

#164: I’ve seen him. He’s fine. No need to worry. I saw him twice. I saw him by the laundromat on 8th & Wash. I saw him downtown on wash.getting chinese food. I saw him at his usual spot singing and dancing. He has taken to wearing lipstick though. That’s not an issue with me.

Friday, September 5, 2008 5:01 pm

Dancing Queen is the BEST…He is harmless and hillarious! Where has he been the past week or so? Anyone seen him? I’m kinda worried about him!!!! :mrgreen:

Friday, September 5, 2008 3:59 pm

when the heck did that dancing machine on 14th St. take to women’s cosmetics? can that thing be stopped…it’s about time.

Monday, August 25, 2008 10:54 am

Supposedly Cheuwy lives at the Y now. The owner of the liquor store on 14th street was telling me he has been going in there since he was a little boy growing up on 13th and bloomfield. There is a picture of Cheuwy under the glass counter in there taken from a recent article in the hoboken reporter. I can’t seem to find it online!

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