Can we all get along?

Why can’t we all get along? WTF?

Man oh man, since the beginning of time – “man” on planet earth has been unable to get along with each other. Doesn’t matter what era of time you pick.

why cant we all get along - Can we all get along?

  • Wars
  • Theft
  • Power
  • Control
  • Ego
  • Violence
  • Domination
  • Manipulation

Between individuals, gangs, sovereign nations, political and religious groups. All shapes and sizes, it doesn’t matter.

Always the same kind of friction.

And it seems that the small percentage of dominant psychopaths and sociopaths always “rise to the top” somehow, and the willing and easily coercible public enables them. There are by far not enough folks who embrace the “voluntary” aspect of life such as libertarianism to ever make a dent.

And “integrating” incompatible types is just a horrible idea on top of it all.

The ingredients are similar too. “Bread and Circuses” being one of the most well-known formulas. The whole financial system (and how it’s rigged to allow people to just barely get by enough) is another.

The problems repeat year after year, decade after decade, century after century and beyond. NO ONE has come up with a way to permanently defeat these devastating occurrences. And probably never will because of the “dumbed down” nature of our populous (as well as the indoctrination centers called “schools.”)

Is it a truly lost cause?

And since we’re not all “equal” in terms of both mental and physical capabilities – how do you effectively handle that “pecking order?”

Is it simply that the human species itself is (and will always be) flawed to the extent that this barbaric mindset will NEVER change? Is this human life as we know it – and will always know it? Or is their light somewhere on the horizon?

My food for thought this morning.

Why cant we get along Food for Thought Wednesday Hoboken411 720x350 - Can we all get along?

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