How long will movie theaters last?

Really – How long will movie theaters last?

You ever think about the whole concept of a “movie theater?” How it started, and what it really is today? Will movie theaters always be a part of our lives?

bow tie cinemas hoboken NJ how long will movie theaters last - How long will movie theaters last?Back in the day – it was a phenomenal place to “experience” the brain-clogging entertainment called movies.

Giant screen. Thundering sound. Previews. Popcorn. Pomp and circumstance. It was a good game, a special experience, and nothing close to what you had at home.

Then technology caught up.

Most people today have high-tech flat-panel TV’s. DVD’s, Blu-Ray’s, even 4K devices that show stunning detail. On demand, too.

Partner that with somewhat-equivalent sound for the venue size, and you have to ask yourself – “why spend the money at the theater?”

A family of four easily costs $50 or more (especially if you include crappy poisonous “snacks.”)

Home movies – at most – cost typically around $20 at first release. The cost goes down dramatically over time. We buy most of the movies we never watch on Amazon typically for a penny (plus $3.99 shipping from third-party, non-Prime vendors).

A lot less than a SINGLE movie ticket.

Are movie theaters days numbered 720x340 - How long will movie theaters last?

So why do people still attend movie theaters?

I cannot remember the last time I paid that ridiculous price to see a movie in a movie theater. One, because I’ve conditioned myself to be able to wait until it’s available for home viewing. And that’s even if the movie is worth watching to begin with! Once you “reset” your need to see a movie “right away,” all new home-viewing options become on the same page. Two, we’ve filled our time with real, productive activities. You almost forget about this kind of “entertainment.” That’s a good thing, believe me.

But what are some reasons people “go out” to the movies?

  1. I guess “dates” are one possible answer. It gives both of them a chance to share an event – without getting too personal (at home, etc.)
  2. Families might also view the movies as an easy way to knock a chunk of hours out of the day (includes getting ready, travel to the theater, maybe even eating out). Costly, but effective way to “appease the young ones.” A lame cop-out in my opinion. Kids should never beg to see a Hollywood movie. Ever.
  3. “FOMO” (fear of missing out) – many mentally enslaved morons are easy targets to the mass-marketing these movies churn out. They are simply unable to wait, and MUST see the movie upon first release. The movie industry’s main bread and butter for sure.
  4. Nothing better to do. Many people live dreadfully boring lives, and haven’t cracked the code on how to break the routine. It can be habit-forming for the idle mind.
  5. Don’t understand the cost/benefit of withdrawing. There is a substantially sensible reason NOT to consume this kind of entertainment with your extra funds. Not many realize that either.

So while it does seem that a growing number of people are indeed “opting out” of this Hollywood racket – there are still plenty of victims “for the taking” out there.

But to tell it like it (should be): It’s best to wait (i.e., have patience) for a movie to fall out of popularity before buying it new or seeing it first run. Simple truth.

how long will movie theaters last in Hoboken NJ 720x363 - How long will movie theaters last?

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