Letter: Political Discourse

Can we have an intelligent political discussion anymore?

With our major Presidential Election three months away, presented below is a letter about politics from Hoboken resident Jay Rubenstein. Where do you fall?

Letter: Political Discourse {at all time worst?}

political feeding frenzy“The political feeding frenzy is in full swing & under our skin 24/7 these days. It is a time when we have a chance to see/hear not only the candidates but the good & bad in many of us.

For this I am referring to a more social side of the political scene, the personal friends side. When i see people on social media say that if any of their friends believe in a “thought” that a candidate backs or is something they do not agree with, that they can just move along. This is the exact problem and only exaggerates the selfish simple minded society that the USA has become.

In the “real world,” the only way that progress is made is when there is an intelligent conversation. No matter what you believe in or whom you believe in, if you cannot voice your mind with a dialect of an adult, you might just be the driving force behind all the anger & problems in society today. With conversation comes the opening of eyes, with the opening of eyes comes a new perspective. Even if you do not agree with that perspective you can hopefully extract a new understanding of the opposition. With a new understanding, a new level of respect and dialogue can be achieved.

Teaching comes from a variety of avenues & sometimes from the most unlikely of people. We all remember specific actions our parents informed us about so think about the power & conviction that an adults’ words hold to the younger generation. The harsh words/thoughts you are using today might one day shape America. Act like a responsible adult & not a spoiled child who has been stricken with affluenza.

political discourse which side do you fall on in 2016

If a political conversation arises don’t be shy because you don’t want to hear the others “bash” you, once again this is part of the problem… silence.

Educate them with facts about your belief & not a response of “because so or i just do”. Knowledge is power & put some effort into your thoughts as it will not only make you a better person but you might just influence someone else or open their eyes to a new way of thinking. Your voice is a powerful tool when it’s used in the proper way.

The landscape of America has changed yet stayed the same over the many decades. The same political/world problems are ever present so if the past is any indication, not much will alter the big picture in the future decades. On the micro-social scale, our citizens need to act intelligently, responsibly & have a communication level that is superior that what its current level is.

Just remember, your political affiliation should not set you apart from others, common sense should.”

411 Note: Agreed, especially with social media, mob mentality, media propaganda, and other ADD-causing activities – calm, rational discussions are difficult if not impossible.

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Educate them?

There’s a huge swath of the political spectrum that confuses thinking for feeling. They are unmoved by facts and logic. Common sense? It doesn’t feeeeel right, it’s offensive, etc. That mind set will only understand arguments based on emotion and will REJECT (often with malace) verifiable or observable facts if they run counter to the their world view.


Yup. Facts don’t matter to a decent size subset of voters.
60% of one candidate’s statements have been rated false or “pants on fire” with only 2.5% rated as true. Does it matter? Nope. To quote the candidate, he could shoot someone on 5th Avenue tomorrow and not lose his supporters.


Yes it’s pretty amazing how emotionally invested people take others’ rhetorical devices, such as hyperbole, as a statement of fact, IMO, disingenuously.

When a wife says “I waited FOREVER for you to come home last night” the husband can either 1) assume she just means she’s irritated at his tardiness knowing that “forever” wasn’t meant to be taken seriously, or 2) up the stakes by announcing (projecting, in this case) she’s over-emotional to the point of lying because obviously “forever” has barely started. The rational husband would choose door #1, while an emotionally charged husband, spoiling for a fight, would go for #2.

A close cousin to this is the faux outrage expressed as the offendee claws for the moral high ground, again, disingenuously: “I’m offended (or “triggered”) that you said ’forever’ when you know you didn’t mean it.” (alternatively as projection: “I’m frightened that you don’t understand what ‘forever’ means. You’re scary. You aren’t fit to be in a relationship”)

Either way, while both sides have their differences, one has clearly substituted emoting for actual critical reasoning. Because it *feels* so satisfying this is unlikely to change.