Video Flashback: Flooding


Figured I’d show new residents (and remind the rest of y’all) of some flooding videos made last spring. One video is near the Shoprite, and the other is a drive-through around the Southwest area of town, where blocks and blocks were under water.

You know, now I sort of realize why so many people own SUV’s in Hoboken!

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For cats/furniture:

Scratching posts for sure. We have the “cat condo” which looks like a carpet-covered cylinder about 3 feet high, good for scratching and sitting on. We also have the Alpine cardboard cat scratcher which is on an incline and has a furry thing in a hole in the side.

Clip the cats nails every 2 weeks

We got an expensive sofa made of, I think, Ultrasuede (not real suede) which is hard for them to scratch so they think better of it. Also the hairs are easy to get off of that.

If you can’t afford the Ultrasuede, try a futon with a wooden or metal frame as the sofa. We had that for years; we covered it with a sheet which could be thrown in the wash every week thus solving the furry sofa –> furry clothes problem.

2 cats are better than one, especially litter mates. They can bite each other instead of the paperbacks in the bookcase.

Older cats don’t usually scratch and bite as much. Companion Animal Placement at the Hoboken Animal Hospital always has pairs of cats, often older cats, looking for homes.

Good luck!


[quote comment=”89106″]Those Godless killing machines, bears come to mind… You see where this is headed don’t you?



Hoboken had a cat problem?


No, then you just flood everything. It worked a long long long time ago. Nothing to mess up anymore.


[quote comment=”89101″][quote comment=”89083″]OK on a completely unrelated topic. How do you keep cats in an apartment from tearing everything up?[/quote]

German Shepherd[/quote]

OK, then how do you keep the dog from wrecking everything?

Those Godless killing machines, bears come to mind… You see where this is headed don’t you?

I’ll have to break the nuclear non-proliferation agreement at some point.