Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

Hoboken Flashback 2006

Whether you’ve lived in Hoboken for eons and want to take a trip down memory lane – or are new to town and want a little photographic history – this post is for you.

The following few photos represent Hoboken right around 10 years ago to the day.

Let’s see what we dug up for this installment of Flashback Hoboken!

Mayflower Hardware – 603 Willow

Near the corner of 6th & Willow used to be a store called Mayflower Hardware. Was definitely a rinky-dinky dump, but came in handy for those who needed a certain part or tool.

mayflower hardware 603 willow ave hoboken nj - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

It was gutted and replaced by a boring cookie-cutter, paper-thin wall condo with cult-like workout studio on the ground floor.

603 willow ave hoboken 2016 boring cookie cutter - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

Fire Hot Summer!

A bunch of fires took place that summer – including, one on 14th Street above the old La Scala Italian restaurant:

la scala fire hoboken NJ 2006 - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

As well as another “gut job” at 11th & Bloomfield. I believe an old lady was saved from this fire.

fire guts building 11th bloomfield - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

And what appeared to be a brand new Mercedes Benz S500 burst into flames at the uptown BP gas station. Had to be an insurance job, right? (Note gas prices were about 50% higher than today.)

car fire hoboken BP 2006 - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

Booze & Smokes were cheaper

Here’s a sign outside Yash Liquors at 10th & Washington. Everything was about 30-40% cheaper back then, including smokes.

yash liquor cigarette prices 2006 - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

Clam Broth House Construction

A few years earlier – the historic Clam Broth House building was condemned by the city, and went through a long rehab process. Remember those contraptions they used to keep the building from falling down?

Here’s what it looked like as they added more density to the city.

clam broth house hoboken NJ construction - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

226 Washington – once a Rite Aid!

Lastly – for those of you that shop at the Aspen Market on Washington – that used to be a Rite Aid before it was Garden of Eden. But they left probably to take the uptown spot at the Shipyard.

226 Washington St Hoboken NJ - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

About Flashback Hoboken
Flashback Hoboken is a photographic / history section on Hoboken411.com

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Hoboken Flashback 10 years summer 2006 - Hoboken Flashback Summer 2006

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Sunday, August 28, 2016 8:28 pm

That was my last summer living in Hoboken. What did I miss? 🙂

Sunday, August 28, 2016 2:10 am

HPDs own Michael Miranda was charged with being a Child Molester?

Sunday, August 28, 2016 2:08 am

Was that the year the the useless underachieving HPDs own Michael Mira

Sunday, August 28, 2016 12:00 am

The Shipyard Rite Aid location had already been open for a few years before the Washington Street location closed. Washington Street Rite Aid closed because their rent tripled.

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