Hoboken Summer Rainbow

Hoboken Summer Rainbow {double}

Another Hoboken Summer Rainbow. Resident Michael K. sent these lovely photos in after last night’s flooding rain storm.

Rainbows – photographed beyond belief these days!

Rainbows are relatively rare, we know that. (Even though these “double” rainbows seem to be common nowadays…)

Everybody and their brother now snaps photos of the rainbows. And I can imagine every social media “timeline” was peppered with various shots of this natural phenomenon.

Us? We did not take any photos. Even though we always have a camera in tow. We enjoyed the sight as seen.

Why? Because for one – the fact that everyone absolutely needs to capture that moment on (digital) “film.” I’m surmising that most (if not all) people feel that if they don’t “share” the moment – that it will somehow not be as good. Or that maybe they’ll have “better” photos of the rainbow than their friends (and hence may get more “likes” than others?) Who knows. It’s so diluted, that we care not to participate in the frenzy of bits and bytes.

There you have it. Until the next rainbow.

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Hoboken Summer Rainbow

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