Political Parties

Political Parties are just divisive

left right same wings - Political PartiesAll this talk about “left vs. right” or “blue or red” or which side of the “aisle” is quite annoying. Stop being a “member” of any party. Those parties are just tribes.

And most of the mentally-enslaved public react, without really knowing why. Just like you have some stupid allegiance towards a team of men wearing a certain color uniform or from a particular city. Even to the point where people incite violence and burn cities if another “tribe” scores more points.

It’s just a shame how politicians become.

Years and years of brown-nosing and other shady maneuvers to get into that egotistical position of “power” and “influence.” Why it has to be either Democratic or Republican. Even Libertarian is still a “party,” and still very rare for a true “Independent” to barely scratch the surface.

left wing right wing - Political PartiesThere are many reasons why – and I presume most of you know (and of course the “media” plays a critical role…)

I have the belief that anything is possible. It might be difficult, but maybe one day in the future our ideas, skills, and capabilities will dictate things rather than your connections or bank accounts.

But that would absolutely require the majority of the voting public to have an active interest – and more importantly – a substantially improved attention-span.

It’s a longshot – but still possible.

But when?

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