Voting really should be transparent

Voting really should be transparent!

Continuing our series on the legitimacy of “voting,” I’ve long wondered why the actual vote tally process has been so secretive.

I came up with a better voting booth.


Instead of electronics and computer chips (which have been proven to be hackable and manipulated), why not have a more physical system?

Like BALLS that enter a chamber when you cast a vote? Or since that is labor-intensive, a simple SCOREBOARD – just like an NBA game where you can SEE the score for each booth every time! Out in the open. What the fuck? Why not?

Why does everyone simply “TRUST” a computer circuit board? And the counting process?

And why does this whole system just seem overly complicated, yet so easy to cheat? Don’t you see the disconnect?

Also – what would be wrong with those INK DOTS they used in some other foreign election (to prevent fraud and multiple votes?)

Circling the drain – without a shadow of a doubt. Get your bug-out-bag ready!


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Adam Smith
Adam Smith
Tuesday, October 4, 2016 7:02 pm

Just when I thought this blog couldn’t get any dumber, I read this. The reason you can’t publicly announce someone’s vote is that the voter could sell his vote. Imagine Putin offering $50 a head to elect some random idiot (the author comes to mind). Really changes what a democracy is all about eh? I know it’s difficult but try to use that brain of yours before those fingers go to work.

Reply to  Adam Smith
Wednesday, October 5, 2016 3:18 pm

voters can sell their votes now! We do it all the time (give me free college and I will vote for you. Cut my millionaire tax and I will vote for you). What you are really referring to is that the appearance of validation would enhance vote selling, as though you are aware it is not happening only because the buyer cant trust anyone to vote as he instructs. 411’s point was a little different – make it clear for the vote that h/is/er vote actually registered as s/he intended . . . but he fails to appreciate that the same bungholios who would switch his vote between his finger and the counter could rig the big red sign to give a similarly false report. And none of this is going to happen anyway because we have over half the country convinced that requiring someone to show ID to vote is racist and or immoral. So I do agree, we are circling the rim, slip-sliding towards Gomorrah.

Adam Smith
Adam Smith
Reply to  Drex357
Wednesday, October 5, 2016 6:53 pm

I’m perfectly fine with showing ID as long as it’s a free government ID that everyone must have. Like papers. But, I’m sure you are probably against that.

Reply to  Adam Smith
Thursday, October 6, 2016 7:01 pm

What on earth did I say that suggests I would not be happy with government issued ID, just like you? Is there even an argument that it would be more?

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