Imagine: Your vote never counted

Imagine this – all that debate – and your vote never counted!

This is a continuation of my weekly Tuesday vote-legitimacy series.

Year after year, and major election after major election, voting constituents are led to believe that their “official” vote actually counts towards the tally of citizens that are supposedly allowed to “elect” their next so-called “representative.”

Whether it’s local, county, state or federal – hundreds of millions of voters believe the system is “legit.”

While having a “leader” “rule” over anyone is a ridiculous idea to begin with, what if one day someone truly exposed the fraud?

Imagine if the public was informed that for the past ten or twenty presidential elections – that your vote did not matter. That there was rampant fraud – and that the “chosen one” was elected every time.

Would that enrage any of you?

Would that cause some kind of revolt?

Or would people just shiver in fear, not knowing how to handle such disturbing information outside of their “safe space?”

your vote never counted anyway illusion - Imagine: Your vote never counted

Where are all the whistle-blowers?

I think of all the whistle-blowers across various spectrums. Doesn’t matter if it’s public or private. Most of them have been beaten down to a pulp. Pharmaceutical, government, it doesn’t matter. They will always have a HUGE legal bankroll that can decimate you to the core.

But if the truth ever came out?

Man, I can imagine the insane anger – if the American people were told by a reliable source that each and every election was wrong. That Obama lost soundly. Or Bush truly did screw with the “Chads” in Flordia. Or whatever. It would be welcome to finally expose the fraud.

But there are drawbacks to exposing any fraud. Some FBI guy apparently did a chat session on the old-school internet site 4Chan a few months ago – saying that the scandal of the Clinton email server was nothing compared to the global reach of the Clinton Foundation.

See this video here for more about the billion-dollar Clinton Foundation, and let us know what you think after viewing it.

What if – and I can only dream that “What if?”

What if every shoddy thing a politician did came out in plain vanilla truth? And the watered-down politics and crony media was just stripped – and pure facts emerged?

We’d have some angry people. Or at least I’d hope so.

But unfortunately with a majority of the masses distracted by much more important endeavors (like Pokemon), I’m not quite sure the world is ready for it.

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