Are voting polls fake?

Are voting polls meant to shape public perception?

fake voting polls - Are voting polls fake?Have you ever noticed how those stupid voting polls can change almost overnight? Or how many people take a look at the “fine print” on how those polls were conducted? Or the sample size?

Better yet – how is it possible to trust them at all? Since no one but the outlet that supposedly conducted the polls were witness to them?

Also – compare “social media” versus the polls. Whether it’s real or not – the stats are staggering. Or is that “stattering?”

What about online censorship or fudging of posts, data, timelines, and links? It is clear that the majority of the “MSM” is siding with one candidate over the other. And since they have a large control over the medium – doesn’t that bother most of you?

Here’s Bill Still from a couple weeks ago. How can you believe those horrid polls which are designed to fuck with the simpleton’s brain?

Also – a somewhat related video – about Clinton’s true physical, mental, and medical state. You sure you’re okay with those “symptoms” for a potential leader of a major country?

I wonder what drugs they’re pumping in her body to keep her going. She might even be a partial robot at this point. Can’t put anything past the “controllers” of the free world anymore.

voting polls are fake - Are voting polls fake?

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Saturday, November 12, 2016 11:45 pm

Thank you once again for calling this a long time ago. Everything was spot on, and in the end victorious. Must feel great!

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