Forget “Rock the Vote!”

Rock the Vote? What about QUESTION the Vote? Or Rock the COUNT?

Remember in the early 90’s – how (I think it was) MTV that started that “Rock the Vote” campaign to get the future liberals of America involved in politics? It was clearly blue propaganda under the veil of democracy.

rock the vote rigged election - Forget "Rock the Vote!"But regardless of what effect it had – nowhere in the fluff was there any question about voting legitimacy or accuracy (you know, dead people voting, etc.) They just wanted people to vote (and vote Democrat!)

The “system” was rarely if ever challenged. It just “was.”

Sadly – we’ll never see such an organized and heavily-funded awareness campaign focusing in on the vote tabulation process (and obvious lack of transparency).

That such movement is coming from alternative media today – and online behemoths like fakebook, googuhl, and all mainstream media are doing their best to either ignore it – or add some other bullshit spin and misdirection to the truth.

I still think to pull off a giant enough fraud to illegally tamper with what may amount to millions of (wrong) votes – would require a large enough operation where there are just too many people “in the know.”

Which is why I think Voting Fraud Immunity should be given to anyone and everyone who successfully exposes it (a la Snowden, etc.) Encourage whistle-blowing. It’s the truly honest American thing to do.

the people dont know their true power rock the vote - Forget "Rock the Vote!"

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