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Someone will always be better off than you on YouTube

A couple weeks ago, we opined on the so-called “phenomenon” referred to “binge watching,” also called “Netflix Binge Watching…” Also related is the depression caused by comparing yourself with others on social media. Unhealthy, and most often a staged fabrication of wonderful things that don’t accurately represent reality.

1426164628 1107495 - YouTube Envy-VisionBut another version of it is YouTube Binge Watching.

Several top “YouTubers” are prolific video producers (people like Casey Neistat, and others). They produce (often compelling) content on a regular basis. Some do it daily, others several times a week, and others a bit less often like once a week or a few times a month.

Many people don’t have the time to watch video daily and might set aside time to “binge” watch the channels they subscribe to.

That could amount to hours upon hours of passively watching others.

While some pieces can be inspiring or informative (PragerU and WranglerStar come to mind…), most you can entirely live without. “For entertainment purposes only.”

And one terrible drawback with looking at the fun and exciting lives these vloggers are living – you might very well feel inferior in some aspect.

You might get lost in their travels – all while you haven’t gone anywhere or done jack shit.

How does that make you feel once you’re done?

Wish you won the lottery so you can “live large?”

Or wish you made better decisions or had better parents growing up?

That’s not my point really.

The point is – instead of constantly looking at productions of how others live – and living in a fantasy of “what if’s?” Maybe you should be just DOING. Yourself. And without those distractions. And remember that time is put into production of those videos as well (editing, etc.) Most of those programs are published because they earn the creators money.

Action speaks a lot louder than impressive videos, no? Can you do it?

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