Netflix Binge Watching

Netflix Binge Watching {is anything “binge” good?}

Have you noticed this God-awful trend of referring to spending excess time on a chair or sofa ingesting passive entertainment as “binge watching?”

binge watching

It’s become a “cool” thing to do. To tell your so-called friends that you’re “sorta” off-line because you’ll be voluntarily engaged in an exercise called “binge watching.”

“Binge Watching” (without looking up the stupid so-called “official” definition of an already stupid term) is most likely sitting idle for many hours on end (my guess is at least six, maybe even as much as 24 hours straight) watching the same demonic show / series over and over.

Passive activity and “binge” are not compatible.

If I were in charge of the internet meme’s of today – I’d call this societally-degrading “trend” something more accurate: SLOTH-ENHANCING.

Or “Making a big fat deposit today!”

Or “Taking a notch out of my belt of brain cells today!”

Or “Sorry guys, can’t talk for a while – getting my brain re-programmed voluntarily later today. See you later when I’m profoundly dumber than when I talked to you last! Big love for that!”

Or ….

I could continue. It’s too easy.

Proof again of the knowingly addictive nature of these types of “activities.”

Just food for thought, your mileage may vary.

netflix binge watching

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