Hate Speech {or is it really free speech you hate?}

Why the hate for free speech? {“Hate Speech”}

Some simple questions about “hate speech” to ponder (if you are an American – and understand The Constitution…)

First off – do you accept ANY of the so-called “hate speech” “laws” out there?

I mean, we have a bill of rights – that allows us to speak (or write with) our minds, among many other things. That, of course, will permit words to be said and heard, that you may not agree with. (Key operative – “AGREE WITH.”)

weaklings hate hate speech 1 - Hate Speech {or is it really free speech you hate?}

Those new laws cropping up every day – TAKE AWAY what are (still) essentially your rights. Putting various “band-aids” on the constitution – is unconstitutional. Same can be said about the “big bad” second amendment (and many other constitutional declarations.)

Despite some “words” or “phrases” being off-color, or even downright hateful – shouldn’t matter. AS LONG AS SOMEONE DOESN’T PHYSICALLY HARM YOU (or imply a THREAT of harm to you specifically), no one should give a shit!

These words are hate speech (with a side order of penalty) in 2016

Let’s take a random sampling of what is (or could be) considered “hate speech” in various parts of this country – and could get you locked into a cage (freedom stripped):

  • “Kill those white honkies!”
  • “I hate niggers! I hope they die!”
  • “Death to Islam!”
  • “Lesbians can go to hell!”
  • “Hillary Clinton has major health problems!” (no wait, that just gets journalists fired.. sorry!)
  • “Shut up you fat piece of shit!”

I could go on (feel free to add others in the comments…)

weaklings hate hate speech 2 - Hate Speech {or is it really free speech you hate?}

“Hate Speech” is a “weakling” movement

One consistency I’ve seen (from casual observation) is that a majority of people who support condemning “hate speech,” are what most people would call “social misfits.”

And by misfit – it could mean one of many things (a not fully inclusive list), like: Average looking person, bitter woman, scorned woman, unconfident man, effeminate man, obese person, bad skin person, bad hair person…) you get my point. Look at the pictures peppered in this article (taken from some “no hate” website – God help us all!)

I think a good reason why this whole “hate speech” movement has picked up steam – is because of PLAIN people who can no longer compete against the message of perfection presented by mainstream media, etc.

So many superficially good looking people out in the spotlight – that it has created a society of people who suffer from INFERIORITY COMPLEX (TIMES 100).

And they are doing what they can to get the spotlight back on them (regardless of how fucking retarded it is). Thanks again, mother-fucking internet!

Condemning “words” is a bad sign for America

Any bright individual can see that those are mere words. No one tells a rapper to stop talking about “niggers” and “bitches.” Or movies to stop depicting violent killings and other vulgar humor. People accept them, and they’re the same exact words.

Do you see the hypocrisy in it all?

Do you see where this leads if allowed to continue unchecked?

weaklings hate hate speech 3 - Hate Speech {or is it really free speech you hate?}

This is the beginning of the end

(This portion is dedicated to those who SUPPORT such ludicrous “laws” against society).

You see (and this has been said many times before), if you allow these so-called “justifiable” new laws to enter our society – you’re just getting one step closer to that draconian doom that others have been warning you about.

Today it’s hate speech.

Tomorrow it’s hate THOUGHT. Or looking at someone the wrong way. Or not hiring a degenerate mentally-deranged cross-dresser.

Despite you being “uncomfortable” with life as it is – you shouldn’t expect “big brother” to come save you because you don’t like words. Or because can’t think on your feet. Or defend yourself.

These are dangerous times – and every step you take will indeed be slippery – unless something is done to “reset” the whole mess.

Get over yourself.

(PS- no one is perfect. Even those you see so apparently perfect on TV or in magazines. They’ve got problems you’d PAY to get rid of. Me? I’m super far from perfect myself. I may have the height thing going for me, but that’s about it. The best thing? I just don’t give a shit! I’m not lackadaisical about who I am – no way! But I’m just myself and how I feel like being every single day. With no regrets. No one should ever give a shit what anyone (other than family, friends and loved ones) thinks about them. Even then – you should probably not put an ounce of weight on what other people’s thoughts about YOU are. Do you look in the mirror and feel happy? Or do you look on your stupid fucking social timeline and feel like a piece of shit? My guess is the latter…)

weaklings hate hate speech 4 - Hate Speech {or is it really free speech you hate?}

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