Voting Fraud & Election Accuracy

Voting Fraud & Election Accuracy: How do you know?

With all the rhetoric surrounding the 2016 Presidential Election, it seems to me that one very, VERY important aspect of the “democratic” process is being vastly overlooked: Voting Fraud & Election Accuracy. Why?

will it matter if you voted in the 2016 presidential election - Voting Fraud & Election AccuracyAs we’ve inquired in the past about whether you can trust voting booths or not, I believe, with just about three months until election time – that this conversation should be at the forefront of all discussion. Above and beyond the campaign soundbites and debates.

Because regardless of what everyone is getting “hung up” about, it’s quite possible it may not matter which button you click or lever you pull – if the voting process itself is not 100% honest.

Why isn’t there a full-time outlet devoted entirely to uncovering the big, bad “mystery” of the voting machines and “counting” process? Why is it shrouded in mystery? And when reports about voting suspicion arise, they vanish just as quickly. Is the conversation not “sticky” enough to garner interest?

Isn’t it strange that most (99%) of the public just somehow magically trusts the whole system? Because of the very lack of focus on what happens “behind the curtains” is enough for me to question it.

Cheating can happen so easily – in a blink of the eye – and no one will notice. The victor will be declared and the parade rapidly moves along right before your very eyes. “Nothing to see there, let’s celebrate!”

There has to be a way to get to the bottom of it once and for all. And for it never to be necessary to worry about it going forward. But how?

voting fraud and election accuracy 720x397 - Voting Fraud & Election Accuracy

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