Voting fraud immunity

Voting Fraud – Immunity for Whistle-blowers!

whistle blowers have a target on their back - Voting fraud immunityThere is no doubt that countless people have tried manipulating the voting booths. It’s been proven they can be “hacked,” and we (the American public) have not been given any “coast is clear” indication that the situation is resolved.

I’m thinking (before the election results are “in,”) that some candidate (preferably Trump), offer some kind promise to whistle-blowers once he becomes President.

Think about this for a minute. Immunity for whistle-blowers who unscrew the lid on whatever corrupt practices of manipulating an election might be.

Imagine Donald Trump saying: “If I become President (legitimately), I will offer full immunity to any and all individuals that come forward with hard evidence that results in the arrest, trial and conviction of persons known to be involved in illicit voter fraud.”

Note, that it’s perfectly possible that (the way political wars work) that some psychopathic political candidates would even encourage voter fraud FOR their opponent – JUST to throw investigators off-base. Nothing is out of the question when it comes to fucking with an already fucked up and shitty system. That is how dishonest and deceitful America has become. Anything for power.

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Get them to come forward NOW

Seriously – is this not a good campaign point or not?

Tell the public (and all those KNOWINGLY involved in a fraudulent act or acts), that they would be 100% exonerated for their crimes – if they can open the door to bigger busts and arrests.

NOW is the time to do this (whoever the candidate is).

And BEWARE of copy-cats too. Because say Donald Trump offers this kind of restitution, you can bet that the beastly Hillary Clinton will “pretend” to do the same. All for the evening news soundbites. God-fucking-dammit – this is exactly why I despise politics. To the core.

ALTERNATE IDEA: If the election is rigged, and no internal plan to expose the fraud is made available, a foreign country should step in. A place like Russia or another country with balls should accept anyone with real evidence to such fraud and give them political asylum. Then release that data to the world.

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Tuesday, August 9, 2016 4:19 pm

I can see this happening. Just yesterday or today I heard the huge lead Clinton has over Trump, and I wondered if that was incorrect and just getting us prepared for the eventual (false) results. Should be interesting these next few months…

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