Hoboken Farmers’ Market 2008

9/16/2008 Reminder:

The Hoboken Farmers Market will be going through at least the last Tuesday in October. It’s quite possible that, like last year (and depending on weather & crops), that we could again see the market open until the middle of November! Running time is 3pm – 7:30pm Tuesdays.

Hoboken employee Dave Calamoneri said that as long as they get four vendors to setup – the market will be open!

The owner of Melicks’ Town Farm (Oldwick, NJ) said that the peaches and tomatoes are particularly ripe and tasty today, so grab your Jersey Fresh fruits and veggies while you can!

hoboken farmers market peak tomatoes sept 16 2008 - Hoboken Farmers' Market 2008

See other pics after the jump…

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hoboken farmers market peaches sept 16 2008 - Hoboken Farmers' Market 2008
hoboken farmers market vegetables sept 16 2008 - Hoboken Farmers' Market 2008


Here’s a city press release about the annual Farmers’ Market which starts NEXT Tuesday. You can also read about what vendors might be there from this post from last year.

farmers1 - Hoboken Farmers' Market 2008

A dozen years of fresh food

In its twelfth year this year, the Hoboken Farmers’ Market is located on Washington St. between Newark St. and Observer Hwy. The market opens on June 24th and runs through October on Tuesdays from 3:00 to 7:30PM

The Hoboken Farmer’s Market serves three purposes. It helps small farmers in New Jersey sell their produce, by giving them a venue they would otherwise not have. Local fresh fruits and vegetables are brought to the residents of Hoboken by the people that actually harvest them. And last but certainly not least the Hoboken Farmer’s Market has served as a gathering place for the community, where people exchange smiles, thoughts, and recipes.

“If you don’t get it locally, you just don’t get it.”
David Calamoneri, Manager of the Hoboken Farmers’ Market

Discount coupons will be available in June for Hoboken residents who are income eligible Medicaid or PAAD recipients. Eligible residents may obtain four $5 coupons from the Senior Citizen Office at 124 Grand Street.

“New Jersey offers a bounty of some of the finest and freshest produce to be found anywhere. The coupons will allow income eligible residents the ability to purchase even more of the fresh fruit, vegetables and baked goods found in the state.”

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I actually leave work early to make it to the Farmers’ Market on Tuesdays… they do have incredible pies.


The Farmer’s Market sells the BEST Peach Pie EVER.


Katie, you should be able to get Jersey Sweet Corn now. I had some recently and it’s really nice this year.


Jeez could they make the hours of the farmers market any more restrictive / inconvenient? Stay open till 8:30pm so people come home in the evening have a chance to buy something!


[quote comment=”95845″]Jersey sweet corn won’t be out for another month. are you sure you’re from PA?[/quote]
LOL, I can’t keep track of this stuff.