Bike Tips for Dummies

Bike Tips for Dummies {Hoboken Nanny-State}

Last week, amid a “rash” of bike thefts in Hoboken, the Police Department issued “Bike Tips for Dummies,” because that’s what Nannies do!

Instead of parroting the common sense “tips” they offered, we’ll offer a few alternative (straightforward) points in regards to your property, and the potential for theft.

  1. If you lack common sense – it is beneficial to have your bicycle stolen. Because it offers multiple learning lessons (the hard way). If you replace your bike, and it gets stolen again, well – you deserve it. Keep trying until it sinks in.
  2. Laziness hardly benefits anyone (except bike thieves).
  3. If you can’t properly lock or keep your bike inside – walk instead of attempting the all-too-difficult task of personal bike ownership. A lot less to worry about in the long run. Get a bike when your living arrangements are more conducive.

That’s it. Carry on now.

Bike tips for dummies Hoboken NJ

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Monday, July 25, 2016 8:50 pm

I watched a man for about five minutes attempt to lock his bike in front of an eatery I was seated at. Finally, I asked if he would like some help. He didn’t have the right set up on his bike to fully secure but I got it as secure as could be w/o a front wheel quick release of a seperate lock for the front. He said, ” wow, you must really know how to ride a bike!”. Of dear this is the problem w putting “all types” of cyclist on roads.

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