What if everyone in Hudson County died?

What if everyone in Hudson County died? {Food for Thought}

Some Food for Thought for you this morning. Maybe a little perspective too.

Say one day in the near future, a pretty big group of thugs came into the area and started executing people randomly. And destroying building after building. And did so very regularly over the course of a decade or two. Everyone was pretty much powerless because these thugs had advanced weapons way beyond our capability. They could kill from afar as well!

How would that make you feel? What if they killed almost twice as many that live in Hudson County in total? Over a million?

Well – I believe something like that is going on in a different continent as we speak.

It’s also clearly one of the major problems with our “advancements” as a species (you know, with all those marvelous technologies and modes of transportation?)

Borders and keeping people separate has some merit, don’t ya think?

Food for Thought Friday all of hudson county dead

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Then I could finally find a parking spot..


“Borders and keeping people separate has some merit, don’t ya think?”

Not if you can enrich yourself by the importation of cheap migrant labor.

As long as you can keep them out of your neighborhoods and your children’s schools, it’s all good.