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News Parrots: Another reason

News Parrots. (Better yet, “News” Parrots.) And parrots are what 99.9% of “news” outlets are. Parrots that keep repeating (or quoting) stupid bullshit talking points all the useless politicians and other “officials” out there. And little else.

When you read articles from pretty much all “news” organizations, the “reporters” of today just write stories which are essentially compilations. She said this, he said that. And a brief overview of whatever the officially-sanctioned narrative of the story may be. Crime. Budgets. Road repairs. Ribbon-cuttings and promises of a brighter future.

All within a self-contained walled garden, and rarely do stories interact or connect.

Like a story about safe space bike lanes – will never mention the cost or the impact on the property taxpayer. Rarely, if ever, is a “big picture” view presented within these individual updates. Like history, or a running tally of campaign promises… News parrots either can’t do that – or don’t want to. Because it’s too hard (and their source of revenue).

And as a result – people have blinders on. Some may champion individual things, like those very bike lanes, without giving thought to other city-related issues that might deserve a higher priority with the limited amount of funding the city has. Probably because they no longer have the ability to understand from that “30,000-foot perspective.”

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“News” is now just pure propaganda

You know how a typical news production is like 99% news parroting – and perhaps 1% editorial or critical debate? The “news” wherever you go is basically just a mouthpiece for whatever government exists in their coverage area. A few juicy stories are “leaked” for whatever (timely) reason – usually due to political in-fighting on the same so-called team – or to distract and redirect. All by design.

It should be the other way around.

The “news” would be real NEWS if they challenged the local governing bodies every step of the way. Every time. Every day. With maybe 1% reserved for bullshit talking points from these crooks we label “politicians.”

Every now and then some journalist will brave the waters and spend six months or a year gathering data to publish some sort of “expose.” But those are far and few between – and quite possibly inaccurate (or grossly incomplete) – and rarely leads to any kind of substantial change. Just a few ruffled feathers before things go back to status quo.

The rest of the stuff just gets a few minutes in the spotlight before the ADHD kicks in and people forget.

Criticism of any government should be getting most of the “airtime,” instead of the watered-down parrot pieces. This is one major reason why incompetent fools become “career politicians.” Just look around the political world for proof (including in your own backyard.)

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Thursday, July 28, 2016 10:19 pm

Agreed. And don’t forget the non-stop reports of the crimes. Every day tons of reports of crimes. Police report parroting. So sick of having to overlook the barrage or petty crimes among low-lives. I could care less if some drug dealer did something bad to another scum bag. Yeah, drunk driving accidents happen but unless it affects me I do not care about them.

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