Political Hamburgers

Political Hamburgers {Del Frisco’s Grille – Hoboken}

To capitalize on the popularity of the 2016 United States Presidential Election season, Hoboken’s Del Frisco’s Grille has introduced two Political Hamburgers.

political hamburgers Hoboken NJ Del Friscos Grille 357x500 - Political Hamburgers

Here’s their pitch:

The Donald is an extravagant throwback to the classic American burger, a nod to his infamous promise to ‘Make America Great Again’. Stacked almost as high Mr. Trump’s proposed wall, this burger consists of two well-done patties, heirloom tomatoes, Bibb lettuce and aged cheddar on a gold bun (what other kind would be fitting?). Mean tweets not included, but little pickles are.

The Hillary is a burger so good, readers will be saying “I’m with her” after the first bite. Like Mrs. Clinton’s infamous emails, the ingredients are kept under wraps – literally. To find out what’s actually on the burger, email TheHillary@dfrg.com.

What do you think of Del Frisco’s Political Hamburgers {concept?}

Do you think Del Frisco’s (in the name of fun) did a good enough job without taking sides?

For Trump, they kind of poked fun at his “wall,” as well as the often-tacky overuse of gold in some of his buidlings.

On the other hand, they seemed to make light of the blatant dodging of transparency Clinton had with her stupid email server – and made no mention of the slippery “foundation sauce.”

Regardless, do you think the burger descriptions were amusing? All fun and games?

Have you tried them yet?

Alternate Political Hamburger Descriptions

I guess if the descriptions were a little more accurate – perhaps this is what they’d read like:

The Donald: An All-American burger made by 100% legal United States residents – and not off-the-books kitchen staff sucking the teet of the country. Genuine American beef (not imported from Australia), slathered with butter, crispy BACON, and everything else that makes a burger good in your mouth, not just your easily manipulated mind!

The Hillary: One over-cooked, left out in room temperature way too long, shriveled piece of rancid meat that will make you regret the decision of ordering it for years to come. Even though this worse-than-road kill dish is garnished with high-priced condiments, and carefully “plated” by a team of professional handlers and photographed in the right light – it will be the worst burger you ever eat in your life! But everyone else believes it’s good – so why not be a lemming and join the crowd?

There. I fixed the descriptions.

Political Hamburgers Del Friscos Grille Hoboken NJ 720x430 - Political Hamburgers

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Putting aside the political positioning (Trump just more of the same, Hilary awesome, but you gotta be an insider to “get” it), who the hell wants “two well-done patties” – might as well eat dirt.


Correction on the description for the Donald burger:

You’ll eat it and you’ll like it and you’ll pay triple what it’s worth. We’ll tell you it’s 12 ounces of Wagyu beef, really good fresh Wagyu beef, really the best Wagyu beef, made here in America, with fresh greens, on freshly baked focaccia rolls. The best focaccia rolls. Really the best focaccia rolls. Cooked by Americans on American grills. The best American cooks. Really the best. And somehow you buy it, even though you know in your heart it’s probably not made from good beef and probably it’s not made from beef at all but instead some sort of tofu based pink slime (maybe orange slime?) and there’s a good chance you’ll get food poisoning and it’s probably cooked by some undocumented Polish workers who sleep and shit and piss in dirty buckets in the same kitchen at night. But somehow you don’t care and you still buy it and eat it. It’s the best, really the best.