Addictions, control, routine {kept in check?}

Addictions, control, routine – How aware are you anyway?

You ever think about the things that you VOLUNTARILY bring into your life – that end up CONTROLLING you to some degree? Frequently without you even realizing it? Care to do something about your addictions?

How about the people, companies, and industries that create those ADDICTIVE things? Most often knowingly?

I guess the whole retarded Pokemon frenzy got me thinking about it more.

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The myriad of ways to fall for almost anything!

One of the greatest flaws of the human mind is the ability to become addicted to so many things.

Another similar flaw of the human mind is the tendency to EXPLOIT it! (Most often for money).

What are some of the obvious ways we keep these addictive routines in our lives?

Chemical addictions: There are products out there that are known to be addictive. To our bodies physically. Cigarettes. Alcohol. Drugs (both prescription and illegal). And even foods (carbohydrates as well as chemical additives such as MSG). And all the marketing that goes into them to keep them on the radar in some way.

Emotional addictions: Two addictive habits I can think of are gambling and shopping. Gambling (casino, lottery) allows the victim to dream of a big payday. While shopping supposedly improves a person’s happiness. Each cost money, and can lead bad times ahead if not kept in check.

addictive facebook cigarettes - Addictions, control, routine {kept in check?}Psychological addictions: Shopping can fall into this category too, but I suspect Television is probably the most dangerous. Non-stop imagery designed to hook you hard. Same goes with “news” and all the scary stories they try to shape your mind with. The thirst for “something new” is always on the addicts’ mind, as well as anticipation for the next “episode” or event (like sports).

Technology addictions: Your pocket computer (i.e., cellular telephone + internet device) is one of the all-around most addictive products ever. Not just for communicating with your friends. Email, text messages, and now (the worst) social media networks. But most people also have TONS of other addictive “apps” on their phones. Games. Music. Celebrity bullshit. And of course the nail in the coffin, Pokemon.

Gamification adds another hook to that addictive control over you

We’ve been mentioning gamification here a lot lately. It’s a sick (and openly admitted) way of manipulating the “target audience.”

say no to gamification please - Addictions, control, routine {kept in check?}Perhaps it’s just a coincidence that gamification grew more widespread along with the millennial generation, but almost anything can be “gamified” now.

Shopping (earn points to get to the next level!), events like Propeller-fest, and pretty much anything else can be crafted in such a way that you feel like you’re missing out – if you don’t _____________ (fill in the blank – buy more, upgrade, etc.)

All sorts of complex layers are also added to the gamification concept (like badges, and other “rewards.”) Yelp is a fantastic example of gamification as well (and they use YOU as real-life game pieces for their own enrichment).

Which is why we decided a while ago to completely IGNORE any program, shopping club, or system that employs the gamification model. Some are very well done, and can make you feel like you’re truly “benefiting” because you’re part of that “club.”

Perhaps some things (like airline miles) can be justified – but only if they have NO IMPACT on what you’d normally do without that program. I highly doubt many people are entirely unaffected by those “points.” They’ll affect your decisions one way or another (“oh, I’ll use this card – because I’ll get miles…” etc.)

And some places (such as education) may have also found ways to “help” people learn – but I still don’t like the psychological concept whatsoever. Because it’s unnatural – and the rest of the real world is NOT gamified – which will render most people who cannot do things otherwise, entirely useless.

Always ask “Cui Bono?” when it comes to these addictions

addictions breaking the chains - Addictions, control, routine {kept in check?}I think that as more people wake up and “see the writing on the wall” regarding many aspects of their lives, they’ll start understanding their role in not only their addictions – but who the benefactors are.

Sure – it’ll be a tough pill to swallow at first – as you might have trouble living without those comforting things that kept you company for so long.

But you’ll feel 100x more free – and thankful that you broke the chains of addiction.

Anyway – food for thought as you enjoy your Labor Day weekend!

How many things will control you?

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