In the name of what? Fear?

This leads to that – in the name of… what exactly? {Fear}

Especially since the advent of technology, even as far back as the printing press – the way we “receive” information is far different than olden times. While word of mouth is bad in its own right (lost in translation, exaggeration) – hearing something directly from the horse’s mouth is usually the best. Same with witnessing things FIRST HAND, rather than a so-called “report” about it. Most people believe those “reports” as if they were actually there. Odd, ain’t it?

Kind of a strange way to start this editorial Food for Thought segment – but I wanted to get that out of the way.

In the last few decades – maybe ten or so – FEAR has dominated the public consensus. Whether it was the cold war years, nuclear destruction, etc. – to today’s “new” threats of terrorism and so on. There is always something to fear – and TPTB and media love that. Because it preys on basic human instinct. And accomplishes many directives.

Remember after 9/11 – the whole “Axis of Evil” paradigm? How America and their “allies” would have even more power over our civil liberties to ensure our so-called safety?

Everyone bought it – and cheered it on, in the name of unity!

fear controls the populous 720x342 - In the name of what? Fear?

How is that working out?

Our “allies” in the European Union are botching their own livelihood. For what? The financial benefit of a few? Some secret agreement somewhere? A safe retreat once they’ve accomplished the destruction of 1000’s of years of history and tradition?

The “safety net” promised by our so-called elected so-called leaders has not amounted to a microscopic fraction of what they led us to believe and have faith in.

In fact – it’s probably worse. And YOUR OWN RIGHTS have been squandered in the process.

We’re fighting among ourselves now. Don’t you see that? How does that help unify a populous? Why aren’t all the people pulling back the layers and looking at the situation from a higher perspective?

The very last line of self-defense (defending YOURSELF) is being systematically dismantled.

What does it take for everyone (left, right or otherwise) to just understand that? To realize we’re on the same fucking team?

How can anyone “support” the DISABILITY to defend yourself? Please explain.

It’s like making seat-belts illegal.

Something needs to change in a big hurry – because no matter what you believe – we’ll all be in the same shit-boat.

Carry on.

Friday Food For Thought in the name of what 720x350 - In the name of what? Fear?

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