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Most of you computer-savvy folks out there have seen the “Street View” feature on Google Maps, which came out some time last year. They originally started with some of the bigger cities in the U.S.

Well the wait is over, and now Hoboken (and other Jersey areas) are now included!

However, I think the photos used are about a year old, as many images are already way behind the times.

I think that in order for Google to keep up with Hoboken’s changing landscape, they’d have to re-do the city once a month. But at the very least, it can be used as a visual aid for out-of-towners looking for a particular landmark in our fine city.


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It’s a mix match. The overhead Satellite view is from a few years ago. And the street view is I believe from last year – and within that it’s from different times in the day. I tried to “drive” down Willow Ave southbound but it blocks you from going further south than 14th – where it forces you to go East or West on 14th. Google messed up there. So you have to go to Park and “drive” the wrong way to get to Willow. Once you go up to 14th, you’re forced to turn West on the Viaduct. Lots of bugs to work out.

A couple of good things this could be used for is to see if:

1) anyone is caught banging into your car’s bumper

2) see if your gf or bf is holding hands with, or seen coming out of an ex’s apt

3) see if anyone is stealing your gps unit

4) snag a friend picking his nose and sending that pic to everyone

It’s funny to look around street view and actually recognize people you know

Sidd Finch
Sidd Finch

Nice trip to memory lane if you have the time. McSwiggin before the fire, places we grew up on, good stuff all around. I sent a pic of my friends house just to freak him out.


I think that the Washington St. pictures are from late last summer, since I don’t have my AC in the window and my building has a painter’s sign on it, which was (I think) done last summer…


Excellent! For the longest time, the only NYC suburb they had was Scarsdale…that’s a puzzling one.


Wow, I forgot all about that van!