Shitlibs Are Exhausted. Here’s Why

Yesterday, we touched upon how what you consume, shapes your reality. As a follow-up, below is a fantastic, in-your-face (slap) position that simply details exactly the phases one goes through when their beliefs are inherently wrong.

Shitlibs Are Exhausted. Here’s Why

By Chateau Heartiste

triggered shitlib facePost-Nice, post-Dallas, and post-…well, pretty much every mass killing that’s happened in the last five years, I’ve been hearing a lot of comments from shitlibs bemoaning the “exhaustion” they feel over all these events, and how it’s more important that ever to keep hope alive and tell people to love each other.

This is the classic shitlib retreat to sentimentality, coupled with a gnawing sense that surrender is about to subsume them, that happens when near-daily doses of reality put the lie, bluntly and relentlessly, to their equalism religion. Liberals retreat to sentimentality when inconvenient facts are freely aired, and surge forward with snark when facts are suppressed. As a Twatter reader observes:

Leftists I know:
2009 – happy, hopeful
2013 – angry, gloating, bullying
2016 – tired, confused, afraid

Why are shitlibs exhausted?

So why are shitlibs exhausted? Because they’re losing their religion. Religious beliefs — and make no mistake the typical shitlib’s belief in race creationism and autonomic White perfidy is as piously felt and immune to contradicting evidence or reason as any radical muslim’s belief in the teachings of the koran — are hard to dislodge without causing extreme emotional distress.

shitlib faceReligious fanatics, when emotionally distressed by an uncooperative reality, double down on adherence to their beliefs. We see this happening all over the West, as shitlibs and the cucks who lap their runny effluvia come to sound more like gibbering lunatics than sensible classical liberals as the mountain of evidence discrediting their kumbaya worldview crushes them into a brainless paste.

But there’s a stage after the doubling-down. That’s exhaustion. It’s when you’ve lost that loving feeling for your Synagogue but you can’t yet let go of everything you’ve believed in since you were a wee shitlib bouncing on your libdaddy’s lap. Exhaustion, the feeling of it or the claiming of it, is how a shitlib reconciles her cognitive dissonance. No more fighting, now. No more raging against the BadWhites. Just sweet release into the long slumber of empty, nihilist, emotional vacuity. Rest your weary head on that inviting id-pillow, sing “Imagine” in a low whisper, and maybe, just maybe, you’ll wake up tomorrow to a fresh injection of ego-assuaging feelz. Usually this ego reaffirmation takes the form of the shitlib clinging to her rare outlier while ignoring overwhelmingly common instances of the opposite occurring.

Related, media shitlibs have taken to cooing stuff like “We can’t let fear and anger dictate our policies.”

Newsflash: fear and anger are justified responses to endless violent attacks by enemies within. Fear and anger motivate actions to defend oneself from continuing attacks on one’s countrymen. If you aren’t fearful or angry, you’re holding a useless candlelight vigil and hoping the next truck doesn’t run over you and yours.

Snarky, juvenile language allows media shitlibs to emotionally disengage from a credible threat to one of their own. To wit, shitlibs also like to say “let’s not reduce this problem to something simplistic.” No, of course not. Complicating a rather straightforward horror show — muslim aggression against infidel White Westerners — is the rhetorical legerdemain that allows shitlibs to maintain a facsimile of faith in their Equalism ideology. What the shitlib mistakes for simplicity is to the sane mind known as clarity. More clarity, please, and don’t stop with the clarity until every last shitlib is too exhausted to fagslap the shitlord army as they’re assuming control of the main engine room.

Executive summary:

  • Houellebecq was right.
  • (Enoch) Powell was right.
  • Raspail was right.
  • Juvenal was right.
  • Chateau Heartiste was right.
  • Modern liberalism is wrong.

Shitlib where did we go wrong

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I might be the only person who even halfway read this, and no wonder. As everyone knows, “Liberals” aren’t religious and never were. Right wingers are religious, even to the point of evangelicalism. Republicans want to foist their religion on everyone exactly like, well, radical Islamists. Mass killings are mostly carried out by gun nuts. “Liberals” are exhausted from pointing out the obvious to right wingers who bemoan all the shootings and how unsafe they feel, even while endangering everyone around them with their moronic gun and war culture. The photos comparing 1943 and 2013 perfectly make my point.


Liberals aren’t religious? Are you kidding?

Liberalism is their religion. Yes it is. It has propherts, priests, holy scripture, core beliefs, proselytizing, and harsh punishment for heretics.

That’s a religion.

Btw, mass killings are mostly carried out by gun nuts? No, most mass killings (as crime stats define the term) are carried out by ghetto gangstas with stolen pistols. Sandy hook, aurora, co, et al, as horrible as they are, are statistical noise.