Hoboken Bike Share FAIL

Hoboken Bike Share Fail {say “no” to socialized transport}

The Hoboken Bike Share Program – NextBike (or “Hudson Bike Share” – which makes it sound bigger than it really is – since most others use that CitiBike program…) gets all sorts of “cushy” press. People say they love it. But we’ve seen trashed bikes all over the city.

So as of late – these stupid “socialized bicycles” have not been working properly. Even though bikes are there – people cannot access them. Whatever the reasons behind the technical “glitches” are – it is PROOF POSITIVE you should always rely on yourself and your own bikes and modes of transport.

The minute you leave it up to others (gov’t or private company), shit like this will happen. You are at the mercy of others. Most people can’t comprehend that as they bitch and moan that this service they’ve come to rely on no longer works right.

I don’t feel sorry for anyone that has put their faith in this type of system. Same goes for anyone who gets hurt or killed playing Pokemon Go.

Hoboken Bike Share Fails 720x355 - Hoboken Bike Share FAIL

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