Mindful Cafe Coffee Bike

Mindful Cafe Coffee Bike {new in Hoboken}

If you’ve never tried “Nitro Coffee,” you are missing out. And you should seek out the new Mindful Cafe Coffee Bike that often finds itself in Hoboken on most (non-inclement weather) days.

Nitro is to Coffee as Guinness is to dark beer. Injected with a nitrogen blast which gives it a nice thick, foamy texture.

Mike D’Amico is the co-owner of the new Mindful Cafe – and touts his operation (which also sells other treats like bagels), as an environmentally-friendly coffee bike with close to zero-carbon-footprint. The bike is a product made by a company called Wheelys Cafe – a one-stop shop for all your bicycle-based cafes. They even sell super-deluxe models the size of a small car (need strong quads to operate I bet!)

We don’t care about the “eco aspects” of their business (we just love Nitro Coffee), but apparently, you need to have those “fuzzy feel good” traits in your business these days in order to attract certain customers. They originated in Asbury Park – but they obviously find better business over here in Hoboken.

They’ve been set up over near the 14th Street Ferry – as well as near Pier 13.

Good luck in Hoboken, Mindful Cafe!

Description: Coffee bike featuring “Nitro.”
Address: Varies – and is weather-dependent.
Online: facebook.com/MindfulCafe

Mindful Cafe Coffee Bike Hoboken NJ 720x436 - Mindful Cafe Coffee Bike

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