What can you do to MAKE IT STOP right away?

What am I referring to when I say “MAKE IT STOP?”

Well – it’s not an easy answer – but the first thought is: “Societal retardation.”

Human beings have reached this so-called “pinnacle” when it comes to communication. Technology is a prime suspect. But there are other “people of interest” as well. And they aren’t necessarily people – but rather factions, or industries, etc. Banks, Pharmaceuticals, Agra, politics, I could go on.

Technology and communications is backfiring

You can take the most recent example of Pokemon GO – as a perfect subject. Millions upon millions of human souls are doing something so very un-human. That’s staring at a digital screen for nothing of substantial value. See the Gamification post to understand the psychology behind this awful phenomenon.

why even be together

The majority of our country (and I suspect a good portion of the planet) is obsessed with all the latest technological innovations. “The next best thing…”

The number of people I see traversing the landscape via foot – all while STARING AT A COMPUTERIZED DEVICE – is astounding. Mind-boggling. Unbelievable (to us at least). Is this technology so amazing – that the addictive nature (and the myriad of downsides) is easily overlooked? Does anyone care?

Are home computers any different? Maybe. But I think the portable communicator is a death sentence to us all.

News. Constant updates. Controversy. That should stop.

Part of our societal woes can be directly attributed to the way we get our “information.” Why is information in quotes? Because it’s not necessarily information anymore. It’s propaganda.

Not facts, or real pieces of scientific data. No. Just emotional tidbits of influence over your mind and body.

We’ve subtly mentioned many times to avoid news. Just give it up. It does you no good. Wastes your time. But now, more than ever – we’re suggesting that you do this right away. It’s killing your soul.

Same with social media. We posted something last week suggesting you delete ALL your social media accounts. Why? Because they’re killing you from the inside out. They’re influencing you in ways that no one really knows. Kick that shit to the curb!

Okay – so now what?

Want to improve your life? Here are some steps you can take right away:

Delete social media
Unplug your TV
Turn off your radio
Find alternative websites
Learn how to do things the hard way
Improve your non-technological skills
Consider relocating to quieter, less populated areas

But it might help to also ask why is this trend marching along with little resistance?

digitally elsewhere again

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