1101 Grand {new building coming}

1101 Grand – more cookie cutter condo density in Hoboken

Currently under way and taking the place of the nondescript office building at 11th & Grand – is a new residential condo building with the address of 1101 Grand Street.

1101 Grand Hoboken before demolition 720x337 - 1101 Grand {new building coming}

Further suffocating the intersection will be a five-story structure (with full lot coverage) with 16 units plus ground floor retail. Designed by Lee Levine Architects – who used to reside in that office space, but had since relocated to the Monroe Center. At least there are 14 parking spots included.

The building is expected to be done in 2017 sometime.

1101 Grand Hoboken 2016 720x358 - 1101 Grand {new building coming}

Same old song and dance?

Starting a long way back – the city should have adopted a “3X” rule for all multi-unit buildings like this. THREE TIMES THE PARKING SPOTS THAN UNITS.

It would have reduced overall population density in Hoboken – and would have made a huge impact on the present parking woes.

But it’s too late. Maybe when Hoboken sinks, the next round of citizens can plan the rebuilding of the city right.

Description: Cookie-cutter condo
Address: 1101 Grand St., Hoboken, NJ 07030
Online: TBD

1101 Grand Hoboken 2017 720x452 - 1101 Grand {new building coming}

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