Why is “killing” nothing these days?

Killing is apparently nothing in 2016

is killing nothing these days 720x358 - Why is "killing" nothing these days?

People tossing around DEATH WISHES like Halloween candy – especially on social media.

Our country has lost a sense of civility in which words – violent words like killing and more – are tossed around with no thought whatsoever. The hatred that comes from those who cannot tolerate differing opinions or beliefs is mind-boggling.

Whether it’s politics, religion, or love for your nation (and wanting to preserve it). Even social justice warriors are willing to resort to violence against those that don’t see their way.

Is it the violence in movies? Or the video games where killing thousands of others is nothing? Are people so numb to violence, death, and destruction – that it makes it so easy? Easy to forget?

Have many people lost the meaning of what human life is?

Is death so readily accepted that no one gives a shit? Does killing solve problems?


That’s my food for thought for today.

Food for Thought Thursday Hoboken411 Killing 720x350 - Why is "killing" nothing these days?

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