Cupcake Fest in Rutherford


As many of us have been staying up north this “summer,” here’s a fun option you can partake in tomorrow over at Lincoln Park in Rutherford, NJ. You can see some local bands, and mill around a city that’s easy to get to!

From 12pm-5pm Saturday, June 21, 2008.



An afternoon of music, giveaways and cupcakes!

Performances by:

Free mini cupcakes & other giveaways!
Presented by Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in partnership with

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I’m sorry you didn’t enjoy the event. We had over 600 people there that did have a good time enjoying free cupcakes and music. We raised a lot of money for charity and gave out some fantastic prizes. If you expected to be bombarded with dozens of free cupcakes, I’m sorry that your expectations were wrong. My shop employs three people, and we made over 1000 mini vegan red velvet cupcakes to give out for free. Free coconut water was also provided.

Some people are never happy.


I went to this. The promised “CupcakeFest” was actually a small gathering of people that featured few, if any, cupcakes. I went expecting a cupcake bonanza, but was instead offered the opportunity to eat one cupcake of one variety in exchange for giving up my personal contact information. NO DEAL! I said. There were a variety of environmentally-friendly groups distributing literature and acting aghast at my “Dick Cheney is my homeboy” vintage t-shirt.

Also, the music wasn’t great, although JunkPunch may be the best band name ever.

In summary: Two Thumbs Down, and off to Carlo’s for cupcake satisfaction. At least the weather was nice.