Cupcake Fest in Rutherford


As many of us have been staying up north this “summer,” here’s a fun option you can partake in tomorrow over at Lincoln Park in Rutherford, NJ. You can see some local bands, and mill around a city that’s easy to get to!

From 12pm-5pm Saturday, June 21, 2008.



An afternoon of music, giveaways and cupcakes!

Performances by:

Free mini cupcakes & other giveaways!
Presented by Sweet Avenue Bake Shop in partnership with

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Hey! I went to this free festival and I didn’t get all the free cupcakes I wanted. Also, the free music was not my favorite genre (why no one consulted me I’ll never know). Also, my vintage t-shirt was way cooler than everyone else’s vintage t-shirt. 👿


I’m with the first person. We went out there too and were told we had to sign the waiting list for cupcakes, which would be arriving any minute now. We waited around for 20 minutes putting up with some awful punk band before we decided to just take a walk. Found another bakery down the block and had some decent brownies there. Never did go back for the free cupcakes but we saw someone eating one and it looked about the size of a half dollar. Guys, if you’re going to put on an event called Cupcakefest, it’s a good idea to have enough of them so people don’t have to stand around waiting for 20 minutes. We did buy a raffle and donated to one of the causes though.


Thank you all for the feedback. This was the first festival that we have organized and I do appreciate Hoboken411 for blogging it.

As far as the cupcakes, they are always amazing, so thanks for that Sweet Avenue. The prizes were kindly donated by a many really nice and caring companies and they were truly appreciated by the winners of the raffles.

We will be blogging the results of the Cupcakefest as soon as everything is squared away.

Some people are never happy, but I know I will take your feedback for the next event is involved in, so thank you for coming nonetheless.

PS – The contact information that you had to put down was your name and email. It’s not going to be sold, just used for the groups involved with the event.


I can not say enough about the great time I had at this event. The people in the town where this event was held were awesome and friendly, and the food was great. The various bands exceeded my expectations, and the pleasant weather made for an all around perfect day. Special mention to that guy who gave me an extra free culinary item upon which the event was focused, showing an extra helping of the the local hospitality. I would definitely visit the town that hosted the event again

-an unbiased reviewer


i went to the cupcakefest and had an awesome time. parking was easily found right on the borders of the park. there were trays and trays of mini “red velvet” cupcakes available, as well as free coconut water and other donated goodies. a lot of prizes were given out in the raffle, and it was a beautiful day out to just hang out with friends. i missed brian keith’s set and showed up sometime around while and then there were machines were playing. they were a catchy pop punk act with a girl singer (think discount.) kieran hobler played a full acoustic set including original and covers. thing one were more of a funky jam band and they seemed to be crowd pleasers. junkpunch played covers and were more pop-punk rock, though they seemed a little disorganized because they were having too much fun.

as far as the cupcakes go, the red velvet were very moist and tasty. i didn’t find out until hours later that the cream cheese on top was also vegan (i’m not a vegan or vegetarian.)

overall, the day was perfect to have something and it was really enjoyable seeing families stop by with their little ones to watch the bands. a big kudos to all of the people that took part in the outreach, and of course the owners of sweet avenue bakeshop for making something cool happen in rutherford.