Tech as important as food?

Forget if the pizza is good – feeding your phone has priority!

You know that you’re going deeper into the technology vortex (in particular with mobile), when a business chooses to advertise that people can “charge their phones.”

Case in point this sign over at Imposto’s Pizza.

One, this shows you that many people can barely be responsible enough to keep their devices sufficiently charged for just one day. No one has a backup battery? Or do they just use their phone TO DEATH every day? And two, that they absolutely cannot survive if it goes dead (Hurricane Sandy was one of the earlier signs of that).

And maybe people will now not care if the food is even halfway decent at a place, “as long as they can charge their phone…”

The addiction gets stronger and stronger..

free cell phone charging station Hoboken NJ 720x397 - Tech as important as food?

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