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Hoboken {social} photo remains of the week: 7.16.2016

Hoboken Photo Leftovers July 16 2016 Social Twitter edition 720x209 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Every month or two – we risk severe nausea – and tread into the social media waters for a few minutes in order to get a pulse on what the {devolving} human race is up to.

And even though I slightly threw up in my mouth looking at the sea of marketing and other non-stop promotions, we managed to find a couple things (barely) worth opining on.

Let’s see what we have for this installment:

Volunteering evidence of your illegal fire hazard

Some guy named Adam Poch (some b-list celebrity I think?) bragged about getting a dual propane / charcoal grill for his balcony.

What he probably doesn’t realize – is that these are illegal – and the Hoboken Police and Fire departments can technically head over to his house and order it off. Why publicize stupid details like that? Fucking moron.

Adam Poch BBQ fire hazard hOboken NJ 720x355 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers

I had an itch. I scratched it.

How narcissistic have people become? Not sure who this Nicole Medoro is (some kind of “singer?”) but she posted that she killed a mosquito.

Now you know what ill-effects social media has on people?

nicole medoro mosquito 720x82 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Dreaming of a green Christmas

Senator Cory Booker was in Hoboken recently blabbing about some nearly half a billion dollar “Sandy Award” and how they plan on plundering that money.

Funny is the facial expressions of the politicians behind him (including “mayor” don Zimmer) – they appear to be daydreaming of how they would spend the money that will likely get lost track of. Or the favors they will receive in exchange for awarded contracts. That’s what I see at least – what do you see? Honest politicians? Haha!

cory booker sandy award 720x390 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Time to stop with the weather – not necessary anymore

Almost EVERYONE has a weather app – and instant access to that information. There is no longer ANY need to parrot “warnings” or “watches” anymore. NONE. Heck, even we used to do it before the proliferation of a million weather apps – but have pretty much stopped. The only time I’ll make mention of it – is if a massive storm is imminent at high tide – which not every single person knows about. Or to mock the pathetic response of the city.

Other than that – waste of bits and bytes – and more often than not – passes without incident. Quit the fear mongering!

weather hoboken 720x342 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Midget Scooters?

Some pop up shop that opened up at The Fuse at 256 Newark Street is selling some kind of tiny battery bikes or midget scooters. The bikes have bluetooth. Not sure how much they cost. But I’d rather walk. I have towering long legs anyway. I’d look like a ass-clown riding one of these contraptions.

midget scooters Hoboken 720x388 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers

Bitching about eggs

Local personality Adam Wade bought a (200 grams of carbs) egg sandwich from O’Bagel – and bitched there was not enough egg. He really ought to have gone back and told them directly. But made a weak passive-aggressive tweet about it instead.

Maybe instead of showing evidence that YOU ATE MOST OF THE SANDWICH ALREADY – and probably consumed the egg part (one egg ain’t so big) – you should have inspected the entire sandwich FIRST.

So lame, Adam!

Adam Wade bitches about carby egg sandwich in Hoboken NJ 720x356 - Hoboken Photo Leftovers

That’s it – until the next time I decide to puke voluntarily…

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