Pokémon GO Zombies

Pokémon GO Zombies – circling the drain

Man, as if cell phones haven’t already embedded themselves in almost every human activity. There is yet another one that has recently taken the world by storm. Pokémon GO.

A mindless GPS based game where you do pretty much nothing of value or skill. Where you “Travel between the real world and the virtual world of Pokémon with Pokémon GO.” Another way to get your eyes away from where you are going, and onto a tiny digital screen. “Gamification” of real life.

Top YouTube “Man on the Street” personality Mark Dice recently found out about it. His delivery is fantastic. Hope he gets more views for his work. Perfect for today’s day and age.

Is this something you plan on spending your time with while traversing between point A and point B?

Pokemon Go explained {Joe Rogan}

And here is a clip from the Joe Rogan Experience about Pokemon Go. They talk about the massive privacy invasion that is taking place as a result. Voluntarily.

pokemon go zombies 720x375 - Pokémon GO Zombies

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I love how the first kid in the Mark Dice clip admits he has nothing better to do. The inane and useless pastimes that amuse the populace these days show how far gone almost everyone is.