NJ Gas tax – WHY?

Why the fuddling with the (proposed) NJ Gas Tax?

This is exactly one of the reasons why “big government” annoys the crap out of me: The NJ Gas Tax. (Which is now causing disruption in road projects like Hoboken’s Park Ave. bridge…)

As proposed, on average, it will increase the cost for each driver around $5 a tank. Just like that.

Who is asking “why?” Or “Aren’t there other ways?”

NJ Gas Tax 720x334 - NJ Gas tax - WHY?

They claim there are benefits to the (proposed) NJ Gas Tax

Some morons out there say, “well, they’re going lower the sales tax.” Whoop de frickin’ do! Or some other “adjustments” to whatever other taxes (inheritance, etc.) Everyone gets caught up. They find their position and hunker down.

I call bullshit.

If the state is claiming that it’s a net-net “wash,” then WHY BOTHER TO ENACT A NEW TAX – INSTEAD OF JUST “TAKING THE FUNDS” FROM THOSE THINGS THEY’RE “CUTTING?”

Why? Because there is something IN IT FOR THE STATE.

They wouldn’t have pulled this shell game if there was not an obvious benefit to them. The lower gas prices (at the moment) mean that more people are driving. So why not tax what is “trending?”

The minute gas goes back up to $4 a gallon (along with the dramatic natural reduction in driving), what will the reaction be then?

I just cannot understand why – instead of taxing a simple cash transaction further – they couldn’t have just adjusted the disbursements of those other revenue streams.

Can you ask why they pulled this maneuver? Can you delve deeper into the reasons why they did it this way? (And don’t parrot bullshit gubbmint talking points – they are fake).

Alas – they’ve “punted” a little, and a “decision” won’t be made until after Labor Day (probably lobbying from cheese-steak places Christie loves). Either way – continue asking WHY WHY WHY!!!

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It’s quite simple why they did it. Once you enact a tax it is impossible to undo this and it lives forever. Remember when the Parkway Tolls were only in existence until the road was paid for? (50 years ago)
They lower the sales tax to 6% and put in the 23 cent gas tax causing short term anger. Within 6 months we get used to it. Then once a Democrat is elected Governor (a guarantee) they will raise the sales tax back to 7% due to shortfalls in pensions and health benefits for Cops/Teachers and Fireman. Or maybe “investments” in infrastructure or a solar farm. People will then get used to that again and on we go.