Extreme towing {costs}

Towing is expensive. Great business idea!

Have you seen the new signs for towing up near the Shipyard? What a racket!

Here’s what the signs say exactly:

Unauthorized parking in an assigned space is prohibited and vehicles will be town at the vehicle owners expense JOHN’S MAIN AUTO BODY – 1445 Union Turnpike, North Bergen, NJ 07047. 201-867-3744.

Towing $175
Flatbed $200
Recovery and maneuvering $50
Dollies-Gojacks $50
Storage $50 per day
After hr release fee $50. 24 hr release
Heavy duty charges are higher

(consumers may contact the division of consumer affairs by calling 1-800-342-5846 prompt 4)

Heavy Duty Rates
Towing $175 Recovery $225 per hr
Wheelift $225 per hr per unit
Underlift $225 per hr per unit
Air $50 Axle $50 Shaft $50
Lights $50 Decouple $75
Storage $100 per day per unit

So how much will it cost if they tow? I’m not 100% sure!

I’m guessing a regular car you have: $175 for the tow + $50 to manuever (isn’t that part of towing?) + $50 for a dolly to slide it out + $50 for storage and $50 to pick it up. $375 total plus probably some taxes or other transportation based fee. So always have $400 in your wallet or checking account MINIMUM when coming to Hoboken!

Maybe I’ll buy a tow truck. Tow just three cars a day and you’re making half a million a year!

towing is expensive in Hoboken 720x311 - Extreme towing {costs}

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You are slightly off on your calculations, be fully prepared to pay towing 175.00 + flatbed 200.00 + maneuvering 50.00 + recovery 50.00 + go jacks and of course you can figure on after hours fees to be applied. and if you have a heavy truck? you can figure on a 1,500.00 tow without batting an eye. The owners son is a lawyer, the owner is a crook. Your complaints will go on deaf ears and the corrupt agencies that allow this to happen will continue to allow this to continue. The City of Hoboken has finally recently removed this towing company from the official police towing rotation list after several suspensions for over charging, theft and who knows what else. Kudos for the City of Hoboken, at least someone has a sense of right.