Amy Winehouse Engagement

Amy Winehouse Engagement {tribute}

Next Friday, July 15th – Maxwell’s Tavern (11th & Washington) is hosting a tribute show called The Amy Winehouse Engagement. Read more about it below – and email Hoboken411 if you want tickets. I have a pair to give away ($30 value) (Sorry tickets accounted for!)

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The Amy Winehouse Engagement is set for July 15 at Maxwell’s in Hoboken, NJ at 8:00pm.

Carolyn Monroe, a talented local musician, approached Jaime DeJesus with this idea and put together a song-list, spanning the work of her Amy’s short career. “It is our intention not just to entertain our audience, but to educate them on the depths of her catalogue and talent that goes way beyond her hits and her infamous drug problems,” said Carolyn.

When asked “why Amy Winehouse?,” Carolyn said “Amy Winehouse studied many styles, effectively expressing her art in different ways, and is an inspiration to many not just for her raw talent, but for the hard work and dedication that she put into creating something so impactful and beautiful.”

The 12-piece orchestra for The Amy Winehouse Engagement is made up of talented local musicians from the fertile music community in and around Hoboken, and is outfitted with a horn section, string section and background singers, along with a solid rhythm section.

“Our driving motivation is to put on a show that people will walk out of with their brains buzzing, not believing that they saw something this good out of NYC for only $15. And in our very own Hoboken,” concluded Carolyn as she makes last minute preparations for the show next week.


Jaime DeJesus has produced and performed The Hoboken Last Waltz to sold out crowds the past two Novembers in Hoboken (and will again this November 18, 2016 at Maxwell’s) and The Amy Winehouse show expects to have the same quality and magnitude. Jaime is also producing a David Bowie Engagement for the city at Sinatra Park on August 4, from 7pm to 9pm. Read more about Jaime here:

Carolyn Monroe is a local Hoboken songwriter, singer, pianist, artist. She has performed the national anthem at major sporting events including the Nets and Red Bulls and performed locally for seven years and running. She can be found at:

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