Why Hillary?

Politics sucks. You’re caught up. Why Hillary?

To get caught up in politics is just a bad idea.

Politics – the whole bureaucracy, the “incorporation” of cities, counties, states, and countries, the stifling “laws” – is an odd circus. Terrifying, in fact. How can some people have privileges over others? WTF?

I mean I could go off on a major tirade about the nonsensical nature of “ruling classes.” How we supposedly elect people in a “democratic” manner. Wow. No way!

Everything from election fraud (i.e., tampering with those stupid ass “booths,”) to donations, pay to vote, and much more. The stupid process that determines who gets to make “laws” over you and everyone else is truly asinine. The whole system is flawed top to bottom. Even worse is how true “history” is hard to come by. And even worse than that – is how most people don’t care – as long as “they get theirs…”

Can someone explain: Why Hillary?

My main question is – WOW – how does any ONE person see this “individual” named “Hillary Clinton” as a viable individual to be in charge of this country called the United States of America?

I just do not comprehend – despite all the controversy (i.e., Benghazi, emails, Clinton Foundation), how this human being is even in the running. She should have been shuffled into obscurity a long time ago.

hillary oh my


Who benefits by this narcissist becoming “president” of this country? Who will she pardon right away? Who is keeping her at the forefront? And for so long?

Non-verbal communication tells all about Hillary Clinton.

You ever look at this “lady?”

Even with tremendous practice (acting) and scripted words, she looks so untrustworthy (and fake). I would not even entrust her to be responsible for my pet Iguana. If she walked into a job interview I was holding, I’d turn her away before giving her a chance. I’d say “The position has been filled. You can leave now.”

And yet people are actually supporting this sick psychopath? What poor judges of character our country-folk are!

What has happened to our country of people? Where have they gone? What have they become? How does this happen?

Here’s an interestingly-framed video putting Clinton on the screen a la “1984.”

It truly boggles my mind that this woman is even in the running. And how she’s been propped up by media (who no longer serve a purpose), and the brain-dead morons that follow along.

With all that dirt and controversy – plus the downright “phony feel” of this talking head – HOW CAN ANY SANE PERSON EVEN HOLD THE DOOR FOR THIS LADY, LET ALONE VOTE FOR HER TO BE A MAJOR “POWER” ON THE PLANET? Ho-Lee-Fuk!

Can someone prove me wrong? Am I just way off base? Is this truly what world-class political leadership is in 2016? Can anyone truly detail what she has done for the benefit of humanity? Ever?

hillary why how

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