Worth DVR’ing: WPIX 60th B-day


In case you have some space left on your DVR, you might want to record some of the shows airing on today’s “60th Birthday Bash” on Channel 11:


  • 12pm: The Little Rascals (“Teachers Pet” & “Hearts are thumps/Feed ’em and weep”)
  • 1pm: Abbott & Costello (“Getting a job” & “The Actor’s Home”)
  • 2pm: The Three Stooges (“Gents without cents” & “A plumbing we will go”)
  • 3pm: The Adventures of Superman (“Crime wave” & “The perils of Superman”)
  • 4pm: Get Smart (“Mr. Big” & “A spy for a spy”)
  • 5pm: My Favorite Martian (“My favorite Martian” & “A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and peaches”)
  • 6pm: I Dream of Jeannie (“The lady in a bottle” & “Tomorrow is not another day”)
  • 7pm: The Odd Couple (“Password” & “My strife in court”)
  • 8pm: The Honeymooners (“Better living through TV” & “The $99,000 answer”)
  • 9pm: WPIX 60th Anniversary Special


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All of those shows are good to great, but The Odd Couple is my favorite and those 2 particular episodes are classics. I love any Odd Couple court scenes.