Drunk vandals at it again

Drunk vandals at it again {in Hoboken}

Quiz: What made the flower pots meet the ground over at Sushi Lounge in Hoboken, NJ?

  1. A freak gust of wind off the Hudson River. Blame Mother Nature.
  2. A not-so-freak moment of stupidity from some drunk vandals who have nothing better to do than be destructive.

If you picked #1, you’re wrong.

Drunk vandals is most likely the accurate answer – although I wouldn’t rule out stupid punk-ass juveniles who have complete lack of good parenting at home, either. You know, petty vandalism is the gateway activity up to a gang or thug life!

One of the many risks when you choose to live in the company of tens of thousands of other people.

Drunk vandals wreck sushi lounge flowers in Hoboken NJ 720x405 - Drunk vandals at it again

Drunk Vandals Hoboken Sushi Lounge Beautiful day in this neighborhood 720x405 - Drunk vandals at it again

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Friday, July 1, 2016 3:29 pm

Hoboken should have more police on the streets on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. Cops prefer to work days during the week so we load up on cops during the day and during the week but leave the city with only a few officers at night and on the weekend. We should have more police on duty at times when crime is happening.

Bar owners have too much power in city hall.

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